Bobby Kennedy

Archdiocese of Chicago’s Sr. Baird Defends Obama as Pro-Choice

Sr. Anita Baird is the founder of the Office of Racial Justice at the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Sr. Baird was interviewed yesterday by Kathleen Gilbert for LifeSiteNews about the upcoming event honoring Fr. Michael Pfleger, a diocesan priest in Chicago who worked for the Obama campaign.  Fr. Pfleger became infamous outside of Chicago for saying publicly … Read more

The Democrat who Created Catholic Republicans

Bobby Kennedy was dying. Emergency workers rushed him into the back of a waiting ambulance, accompanied by just two people. One was his wife, Ethel; the other, his de facto campaign chairman, Fred Dutton. No one else — neither friend nor family — rode along. But Dutton’s presence at that moment was no anomaly; few … Read more

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