Catholic Tea Party

Understanding the Tea Party Folks

I’m about to post some links to some videos by Bill Whittle from PJTV. The purpose of this post is to help readers of InsideCatholic understand the Tea Party folks and their manner of thinking about government. Why This Post? First, a bit of justification: It is worthwhile and apropos to write a post at … Read more

Christine and the Catholic Tea Party

Christine O’Donnell’s surprise victory in Delaware has stunned the pundits.  It’s called a Tea Party victory, but in fact it was something a bit different.  O’Donnell’s message was consistently grounded in the social conservatism of her Catholic faith, with a strong emphasis on the sanctity of life and the defense of marriage.   The role of … Read more

Is It Time for a Catholic Tea Party?

Over 750 “tea parties” were held on April 15 of last year, protesting the excesses of the Obama administration — in particular, the pork-stuffed stimulus bill. Initially, the mainstream media tried to ignore the movement. They downplayed its size and influence, until the steady slide of President Obama’s popularity, the growing opposition to Congress’s health-care … Read more

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