CCHD Director Worked for Pro-Abort Politician While at CCHD

A new story from the Creative Minority Report says that CCHD director Ralph McCloud worked as treasurer for a pro-abortion politician during his first year at the USCCB.  Ralph McCloud was named head of the CCHD in November 2007. In his first year as head of the CCHD, according to public records, McCloud also worked as … Read more

A Short Note to the CCHD Response

In the response the CCHD sent to me yesterday, there was no mention of the incontrovertible evidence that the Coalition of Immokalee Workers belongs to coalitions publicly supporting abortion. As I pointed out in my article, this is in direct violation of the new CCHD Ethical Guidelines. The CCHD instead focused on an issue about the participation of … Read more

Archdiocese of Chicago Retracts CCHD Grants to Pro-Life Groups

The Reform CCHD Coalition Now received confirmation on Monday that Chicago’s CCHD had retracted grants previously promised to pro-life groups. With the departure of Rey Flores as CCHD director, a group of Chicago clergy have been publicly exerting pressure on the archdiocese to restrict grants to only “anti-poverty” organizations. These clergy don’t accept the argument that the lack of … Read more

UPDATED: The Catholic Campaign’s New Problem with Coalitions

When the USCCB issued its document a few weeks ago announcing the “Review and Renewal of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development,” I wondered aloud if the CCHD would be able to keep its promises. As it turns out, one of the promises was broken the moment the document was published. “Review and Renewal” specifically … Read more

Will the Catholic Campaign for Human Development Keep Its Promises?

Last week, the USCCB issued its “Review and Renewal of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.” The document contains a series of recommendations to reform CCHD grant awards in response to alarming disclosures that financial support was going to groups that supported abortion and same-sex marriage. Five groups were defunded, but dozens more have been … Read more

CCHD Announces New Reforms Proposal

I participated in a 30-minute media conference call regarding the proposal being put forward by the CCHD to reform their grant making apparatus. Leading the call were Bishop Roger Morin, chair of the USCCB subcommittee on CCHD; John Carr, head of Justice, Peace, and Human Development at the USCCB; and Ralph McCloud, head of the … Read more

More Problems at the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), the anti-poverty program run by the USCCB, came under fire this past year for funding groups who were explicitly supporting abortion, contraception, and same-sex marriage. After its internal investigation, the CCHD claimed there were problems with only five groups out of the 51 listed as problematic by the … Read more

Friday Free-for-All

Good Friday morning! A few links to get the day started: The school-reform debate gets serious: When one low-ranked school in Rhode Island couldn’t agree on a plan for improvement, the school board sacked all 75 teachers at once. That’s one way to get their attention… Woman live-tweets her experience taking RU-486 to abort her … Read more

It is Time to Start Answering the Questions about the CCHD

Matt Smith takes the debate over the Catholic Campaign for Human Development to a new level: He calculates the amount Catholic parishes paid to organizations supporting abortion and same-sex marriage.  Smith calculates that since CCHD receives from $7 to $9 million each years, and their are 18,280 parishes in the US, “the average parish contribution … Read more

Why I Signed the CCHD Petition

I’ve been asked why I support the Reform CCHD Now petition requesting that the bishops suspend all Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) grants until a thorough review of the program has been completed. A series of reports by Reform CCHD have revealed clear evidence that grants are being given to organizations supporting abortion and same-sex marriage. … Read more

More Disturbing News about the CCHD

More startling evidence has been unearthed about the Catholic Campaign for Human development that shows a disturbing pattern of cooperation between the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and groups that advocate abortion and same-sex marriage. Two reports, released yesterday by the American Life League (ALL) and Bellarmine Veritas Ministry (BVM), reveal that the Center for … Read more

More Evidence the CCHD Supports Pro-Abortion Groups

Two new reports have been published today on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). Rob Gaspar at Bellarmine Veritas Ministry has dug more deeply into the CCHD relationship to the Center for Community Change (CCC).  In “Sleeping with the Enemy,” Michael Hichborn at the American Life League has also uncovered more disturbing facts about … Read more

Catholic Campaign for Human Development Still Funding Abortion Promoter

Only a few months ago, it was revealed that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development was funding organizations actively promoting abortion and same-sex marriage. As a result, several organizations were defunded, and the CCHD was declared back on track. But with regard to at least one CCHD grantee, The San Francisco Organizing Project (SFOP), that … Read more

CCHD Responds to Its Critics and Chicago Responds to Its Own

    With its annual collection coming up this Sunday, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is fighting back against the organized effort encouraging Catholics to ignore the collection.   CCHD’s woes began last year, when its grants to ACORN were terminated following the allegations of voter fraud and embezzlement brought against them during the … Read more

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