Daily Caller

Should NPR hire more conservatives?

Over at the Daily Caller, Mark Judge looks at NPR’s recent federal funding problems and offers a solution: It’s time for affirmative action at NPR. The beleaguered liberal organization, which is on the verge of losing its federal funding, can begin to get up off the canvas if it does one simple thing: hire a few conservatives. … Read more

Timothy McVeigh: The Lazy Journalist’s “Christian Terrorist”

If you’re tired of hearing Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh described by media pundits as a “Christian terrorist,” Jeremy Lott has you covered. McVeigh has become part of the PC balancing act that analysts are expected to perform every time they are confronted with evidence of Islamist terrorism. Witness the flap over National Public Radio … Read more

Bought and paid-for bloggers

According to the Daily Caller, some popular political bloggers are receiving more than news tips from their favored candidates: In California, where former eBay executive Meg Whitman beat businessman Steve Poizner in a bitterly fought primary battle in the campaign for governor, it sometimes seemed as if there was a bidding war for bloggers. One … Read more

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