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Sunday: The Foundation of Personal and Family Peace

Voltaire, eighteenth-century French philosopher and well-known attacker of Catholicism, once wrote, “If you want to kill Christianity, you must abolish Sunday.” Where the Sabbath rest and worship is forgotten, a weak to nonexistent practice of Christianity can almost inevitably be found. Conversely, those who take their spiritual life seriously know that Sunday is the key … Read more

The case for ugliness

Simcha Fisher is popping up everywhere these days. In addition to her personal blog and her contributions here and at Faith & Family, she’ll now be blogging at the National Catholic Register as well — a lucky thing for those of us who think the world can always use more Simcha. And her first post … Read more

Glimpses of God

“Mama! Mama! Ma-maaaaa!” whined four-year-old Raphael as I changed his little brother’s diaper and quizzed his older sister on her spelling words.   “What?” I answered him hastily. “I’m listening.”   “No,” he pouted. “I want you to listen with your eyes.”   Oh. That.   Ever have a moment when you feel like someone … Read more

Life — A Baby’s Best Start

  In my BC ("before children") days when I was still a full-time working girl, I was on the staff of a regional women’s publication that was decidedly left-leaning. When my boss (whom I also considered a friend) asked me to do a write-up on a pro-choice event, I declined, explaining that I was pro-life … Read more

How’s Your Lent Going?

  "How’s your Lent going?" my husband asked me the other day.   I raised an eyebrow. He burst out laughing.   "Isn’t that what Catholics are supposed to say to each other this time of year?" he asked innocently.   My convert husband has never quite gotten over his amusement with some of the things we … Read more

One Day in the Life of a Home Schooling Mom

As a homeschooling mother of eight kids, I hear my share of “How do you do it?,” and I usually don’t know how to answer. My life is just my life. But here, as a means of appeasing the curious, I offer this humbling peek inside a “normal” day for me. 5:15 — Wake up … Read more

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