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Let’s talk about WikiLeaks…

This thorny topic dovetails nicely with Jeff Tucker’s morning piece about transparency, leaks, and the new Missal… Bill O’Reilly recently called for the head of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange — or at least life in prison. Sarah Palin says he should be hunted like Bin Laden, and Hilary Clinton says he and his organization have endangered many … Read more

We Have to Drill More Deeply

Whether or not BP finally manages to seal the well in the Gulf of Mexico, putting an end to the millions of gallons of oil that have already spilled into the ocean, there’s a much greater question at stake. To be sure, debates about social and political economy will continue: How should federal and local … Read more

How free market capitalism would handle BP.

Free market capitalism gets blamed for everything from the financial collapse to salmonella-contaminated meat to the BP oil spill, and this is primarily due to a misunderstanding of the term. The economic system we have in the United States is not free market capitalism, but corporatism. Free market capitalism allows two parties to exchange goods … Read more

Socialist Propaganda against the Church

  My family was in England for the summer while I taught a law course at Cambridge University, and one afternoon my son and I happened upon an interesting program on the radio. It was a radio “play” featuring a self-confident young woman and Kenneth Lay, the now-deceased president of Enron who masterminded the company’s … Read more

The Money Meltdown: A Conversation with Thomas Woods Jr.

The economy is in free fall and we may be facing another Great Depression. In response, the government is scrambling to spend its way back to health. Is this really the best solution? Brian Saint-Paul spoke to Thomas Woods Jr., author of the New York Times bestseller, Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock … Read more

Why I am a Catholic Democrat

The first in a three-part series, where prominent Catholic writers explain and defend their political orientation.   * * * In late 1993, I worked for the Jesuit Volunteer Corps to redevelop a poor, black neighborhood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The area felt remote, almost uninhabited. From my front porch, I would often see lone … Read more

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