Harry Reid

Political Commentary from Beyond the Grave

Yesterday’s Las Vegas Review-Journal featured an unusual obituary for Mrs. Charlotte M. Tidwell McCourt, a long-time Nevada resident who passed away at the age of 84 following a long illness. The obituary itself is fairly pro forma, describing Mrs. McCourt’s life in terms that reveal her time here to have been both full and happy. But the … Read more

Harry Reid’s phony “Tea Party” candidate?

According to CNN, some Nevada Republicans are accusing Senate Majority leader Harry Reid of campaign trickery in his effort to retain his seat. They claim he has entered his own dummy “Tea Party” candidate into the race, hoping to pull votes away from the eventual GOP nominee. “No doubt about it,” says Danny Tarkanian, one … Read more

Sen. Harry Reid Needs a Long Vacation

The only thing that explains Sen. Harry Reid’s latest verbal gaffe is stress and exhaustion — he needs a long vacation.  Standing on the floor of the Senate yesterday with notes, yes, with notes on the podium in front of him, the majority leader said, I met with some people while I was home dealing … Read more

The increasingly unpopular healthcare bill

The more Americans know about the new healthcare bill before the Senate, the less they like it. That’s the unmistakable trend in polling on the issue. But as Michael Cannon at Cato notes, that’s not stopping the Democrats from moving at full steam. Rather than go back to the drawing board and write a better … Read more

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