Kathy Shaidle

Our Culture’s Sacred Stories

I can’t help but like Kathy Shaidle, the scrappy author of a Canadian blog called Five Feet of Fury. I’ve always had a weakness for people who tell you exactly what they think and never bother to mince words, and Shaidle is all that. One of the most forthright critics of Canada’s Tyranny of Nice … Read more

Grace Is the Hardest Pillow

Lobotomy Magnificat Kathy Shaidle, Oberon Press (1998), 104 pages Because the Fall warped all things in our world, even our language, in order to recover the truth about that world we must warp our language even further. T. S. Eliot did this, hitting the English language and Western culture until it shattered. In Lobotomy Magnificat, … Read more

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