The Digitalization of the Faithful

How does it impact the faithful when one can become engrossed in a virtual world in which most of the rules of reality no longer apply, losing touch with the real world, and at times wondering which is really the real world?

The Commoditization of the Faithful

Conflict can lead to fewer butts in the pews and less income for the Church. This can lead to pastors being unwilling to teach challenging things for fear of driving away wealthy donors.

The Metallization of Man

With the metallization of man, the previous two effects, the commoditization of man and the mechanization of man, are then joined by the growth of a view of man as being nothing more than a collection of parts rather than a person with innate value.

The Mechanization of Man

Many workers have became no more than an interchangeable cog in a machine to their employer. They are paid as little as possible while conversely being forced to do as much work as possible for as long as possible in order to maximize profits.

The Commoditization of Man

While violence and destruction are bad for the average person and the humanitarian of any status, they are a good thing for the bottom line of companies who can make large amounts of money off of them.

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