New Feminism

Resolutions for a New Feminist

Ten Resolutions of a New Feminist ManHenry Karlson    The answer to the question of women’s rights, as with all other serious questions, is in an understandable, sensible and revived Christianity. — Vladimir Soloviev   In his 1995 “Letter to Women,” Pope John Paul II, continuing in the tradition of his encyclical Mulieres Dignitatem, stated … Read more

The Laughter That Binds Us All

Marjorie Campbell’s new book, On the Way to the Kingdom, has its origins in the radical feminism of her youth and her discovery of the late humorist and newspaper columnist Erma Bombeck. A mother of three children (ages 13 to 20), a wife, and an attorney, Campbell turned away from radical feminism when a friend … Read more

Managing Men

My mother-in-law once asked me disapprovingly, “Why are you so direct and confrontational with your husband? You should know by now he doesn’t like it. It’s no way to get what you want.” She added with a twinkle in her eye, “You know, dear, I have everything I always wanted in life — but I … Read more

Against the Grain: A Day in the Life of Serrin Foster

Serrin Foster is bombing. All around the Temple University lecture hall, bored faces drift in and out of attention — expressionless college women staring and still, college men telegraphing their waning interest by twisting in their seats. A round woman’s tiny eyes glare coldly from beneath her eyebrow rings. I’ve been assigned to shadow Foster … Read more

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