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If you happen to live near New Providence, New Jersey…

If you happen to live in or near northern New Jersey, there’s an event coming up this Saturday that you’ll want to catch. Talented young Catholic singer/songwriter Tim Margiotta is holding an album release concert in celebration of his debut CD, “Make a Venture.”  If you enjoy neo-folk or alt-country, but wish you could find … Read more

Is Privatization Subsidiarity?

I admit I was taken aback by some of the comments under my article on Gov. Christie’s effort to privatize many government services, such as toll collection, etc. (“A Catholic Governor Embraces Subsidiarity“). Given the fact that Catholic teaching on subsidiarity is directly connected to the encroachment of centralized government into the lives of communities … Read more

A Catholic Governor Embraces Subsidiarity

The new governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, is distinguishing himself in two ways as a Catholic politician. Not only he is pro-life, but he is also aggressively pursuing a set of policies grounded in the principle of subsidiarity. At a time when most prominent Catholic politicians — Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and John Kerry … Read more

Chris Christie’s modest ambitions

I continue to be impressed with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. In a political age where every elected official covets the office above his, it’s nice to run across an exception. During a Fox Business Network interview yesterday, Christie — a rising star in the GOP — was asked if he had interest in the … Read more

Some positive press for NJ Governor Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is becoming quite a political star, and for good reason: He’s facing down a terrible state financial crisis and he’s doing it with courage and principle. Happily, some in the mainstream press are noticing: Christie is tackling the nation’s worst state deficit — $10.7 billion of a $29.3 billion budget. … Read more

Will New Jersey Elect a Pro-Life Catholic Governor?

As of a few days ago, a pro-life Catholic held the lead in the New Jersey governor’s race. Chris Christie has been steadily polling ahead of the current Democratic governor, Jon Corzine, and the other Republican candidate for the nomination. Christie’s eleven point lead over Corzine, and 25 point lead over his closest GOP challenger, … Read more

Obama, Patriotism, and Cosmopolitanism

Speaking in Independence, Missouri, on June 30, Sen. Barack Obama gave what may be called his “I am a patriot” speech. He said that “the question of who is — or is not — a patriot all too often poisons our political debate.” He then displayed his own patriotic credentials by declaring, “Throughout my life, … Read more

The Unintended Consequences of Gay Marriage

America’s position on homosexual activity has radically changed over the past few decades. Fifty years ago, every state criminalized homosexual acts under “sodomy laws.” As recently as 1986, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of such laws. In 2003 there were still 13 states that criminalized homosexual acts (though the laws were rarely enforced). That … Read more

James Charles Risk

I never saw James Charles Risk (1913–2005) in a plain business suit. A dinner jacket without decorations was to him tantamount to aboriginal nudity. Lifelong interest in numismatics led to the study of royal orders and decorations, plenty of which garnished his wiry frame.   Like all civilized men who find time for high things … Read more

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