Looking Catholic

The other day, my family went to the dentist because some people (me) just don’t take it seriously when the dentist says that chewy candy isn’t good for your spacer.  As the kids unload themselves from the van . . . and why does this take so long? Haven’t they ever gotten out of a … Read more

Are We a Pro-Life People?

Last week, Simcha Fisher invited us to talk about natural family planning, and boy did we comply. More than 90 comments later, one thing is clear — this is a topic we like to debate.      I’ve read many different discussions about NFP where Catholics will debate its use and its abuse, its effectiveness … Read more

It’s Time to Talk Honestly about Natural Family Planning

Welcome to NFP Club. The first rule of NFP Club is: You do not talk about NFP Club. You can’t talk to engaged couples about NFP — you’ll scare them away. You can’t talk to experienced older couples, either, or you’ll get an earful about the bad old days of rhythm-and-blues and 23 children. You … Read more

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