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Can Virtue Heal the American Right?

We’ve come to that agonizing point in our political process when each political party must choose its champion. Republicans are trying to decide in whose hands to place their party’s fate. The inexperienced but well-spoken Marco Rubio? Rand Paul, a man of intelligence and conviction who nonetheless selected drone strikes as the issue most worthy of a … Read more

When a Political Party Abandons Its Principles

 [A political party is] a body of men united, for promoting by their joint endeavours, the national interest, upon some particular principle in which they are all agreed. —Edmund Burke All too many people in the mainstream press, and even among the Republican Party faithful, have been expressing extreme relief that Republican Party leaders “compromised” … Read more

Romney’s watchwords in Iowa: Divide and Conquer

  Elections are contests held during a moment in time between candidates who have records stretching back, often far back, into the past. So there is always a tension between the man (or woman) who is running and the moment. That tension is greater than usual when the contest is for the nomination of a … Read more

The Case for Austerity

Do you remember this summer’s debt debate debacle? It ended with the supercommittee, which ended in failure, which resulted in no cuts in government spending. Do you remember the summer before that, when tea party protesters came out in full force against Obamacare and members of Congress who were contemplating supporting it? Do you remember … Read more

2011: A Year of Media Savagery

  For those Republican presidential candidates who eventually conclude there is no path to the nomination, there is consolation in the notion that they won’t be the ones to face the brutal onslaught being prepared for the GOP king-of-the-mountain by team Obama and its army of “objective” media allies. This time around, the Obama machine … Read more

Tea Partiers, Like Peaceniks, Upset Political Order

  It irritates members of both groups when I note the similarities of the tea party movement that swept the nation in the 2010 election and the peace movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s. But they are similar. Both movements represent the surge in political activity by hundreds of thousands, even millions, of … Read more

America’s Orwellian Liberalism

The ink was barely dry on the asterisk in Jimmy Hoffa Jr.’s rant about taking out those “sons-of-b*tches” — referring to Tea Party members — when the vice president made his own contribution at a Labor Day rally. “This is a fight for the existence of organized labor,” the veep shouted. “You are the only … Read more

‘Tahrir Envy’ Meets ‘Tea Party Envy’ on Wall Street

It’s hard to know how to react to the apparently escalating protests on Wall Street. On the one hand, you can just roll your eyes. The numbers aren’t very big, especially for New York, and every generation has its “useful idiots.” I’ve been one myself. The demonstrations appear to be just another float passing by … Read more

Understanding Evil

The shooting in Tucson over the weekend that has left six people dead, including a small child, and several others fighting for their lives is the kind of thing that can make you lose faith in humanity. Almost as discouraging has been the rush in some quarters to assign blame to various political groups for … Read more

A Tea Party Thanksgiving

Ask me what I am thankful for this year, and one of the first things that comes to mind is the social/political phenomenon of the Tea Party. To me, it represents a loud “enough is enough” — not only to the nonsense being perpetrated by the White House and the Congress, but also to the … Read more

Natural Law Foundations of the American Republic

Bill Whittle, explaining the Natural Law underpinnings of good law, and observing what is the underlying (as opposed to the proximate) cause of the current economic malaise: What We Believe, Part 4: Natural Law It’s Part 4 of Bill’s series about what American conservatives (and especially Tea Party folks) believe. Here are Parts 1, 2, … Read more

Peggy Noonan: The Tea Party Saved the GOP

Peggy Noonan says that far from being a nuisance, the Tea Party saved the Republicans. She also has a few words for the GOP establishment: The tea party did something the Republican establishment was incapable of doing: It got the party out from under George W. Bush. The tea party rejected his administration’s spending, overreach and immigration … Read more

Understanding the Tea Party Folks

I’m about to post some links to some videos by Bill Whittle from PJTV. The purpose of this post is to help readers of InsideCatholic understand the Tea Party folks and their manner of thinking about government. Why This Post? First, a bit of justification: It is worthwhile and apropos to write a post at … Read more

The Real Seamless Garment

Last week, an earnest Catholic commentator over at the Catholic Key Blog mourned the fact that House Democrats had spoiled the chances for “immigration reform” by linking the issue to unrelated matters that scared off supporters, tainting the sacred cause of extending amnesty to illegal immigrants by wrapping it up in a rainbow flag, then … Read more

Mr. Winters Calls Me a Friend and a Partisan

Not many articles at the National Catholic Reporter begin with, “My friend Deal Hudson.” But Michael Sean Winters bucks the trend by framing his polished polemic as a“shout out” of sorts to a friend on the other side of the Catholic political spectrum.  (How far apart we really are is something to be determined down … Read more

Tea Partiers are More Pro-Life Than Their Republican Counterparts

Timothy Carney, senior political columnist for The Washington Examiner, notes an interesting distinction between the fiscally libertarian Tea Partiers scoring upsets in political races across the country and their defeated, standard-bearing Republican counterparts: The economy, taxes, spending, health care, and bailouts dominate the headlines and Tea Party rallies this year. But just beneath the surface, … Read more

What’s the Tea Party’s foreign policy?

Does the Tea Party have a foreign policy? P. J. O’Rourke explores the question in a recent World Affairs article. He begins by saying that it’s difficult to answer because first of all, there is no Tea Party: …There are, of course, any number of Tea Party Coalition groups across the country. But these mix … Read more

Christine and the Catholic Tea Party

Christine O’Donnell’s surprise victory in Delaware has stunned the pundits.  It’s called a Tea Party victory, but in fact it was something a bit different.  O’Donnell’s message was consistently grounded in the social conservatism of her Catholic faith, with a strong emphasis on the sanctity of life and the defense of marriage.   The role of … Read more

Friday Free-for-All

Lots of talk recently about Shirley Sherrod, the USDA employee who was fired yesterday after a video clip was released that purported to demonstrate her “reverse racism” in a speech she gave to an NAACP meeting. Andrew Breitbart, who released the tape, essentially said that the NAACP “started it” with their accusations of racism against … Read more

Playing the racism card game

Lots of talk recently about Shirley Sherrod, the USDA employee who was fired yesterday after a video clip was released that purported to demonstrate her “reverse racism” in a speech she gave to an NAACP meeting. Andrew Breitbart, who released the tape, essentially said that the NAACP “started it” with their accusations of racism against … Read more

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