Brave New World: The Abortion Vaccine

Recent developments in vaccine technology and biotechnology in general have advanced a new version of abortion under the semblance of birth control. Funded by various international agencies, particularly the World Health Organization, research over the past 20 years might soon make available several types of vaccine technology whose sole purpose is to terminate a pregnancy, that is, induce an abortion.

Abortifacient vaccines, also termed antifertility vaccines, are defined as vaccines that act to sensitize the maternal immune system in order to terminate a pregnancy, either by blocking a mechanism of pregnancy or by attacking and killing the embryo, usually prior to being implanted in the uterus.

Two versions of the vaccine are presently under development. The human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) vaccine and the trophoblastic antigen (TBA) vaccine. The HCG vaccine trains the woman’s immune system to attack and cleanse the blood stream of the embryo-produced hormone, HCG. HCG is the hormone detected in many home pregnancy kits. This hormone prepares the uterine lining for embryo implantation, otherwise referred to as nidation. Without HCG, the embryo dies as the uterine lining breaks down, resulting in menstruation.

The TBA vaccine trains the woman’s immune system to attack directly and destroy the developing embryo in its earliest stages of development, usually prior to 14 days old. Research for the development of this vaccine will require dissection of human embryos. With the recent decisions by the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) ad hoc committee on human embryo research, TBA vaccine research will now become accelerated.

Both vaccines are being designated for long term use of 2 to 5 years; both require infrequent booster shots; both are touted as a form of birth control. The clinical trials with the HCG vaccine have demonstrated minimal side effects, a virtual 100% success rate, and low maintenance. But, the price is an abortion for each monthly conception. With the support of WHO, the HCG vaccine has entered final testing in several Third World countries. The objections to this technology are threefold.

First, its method of contraception constitutes an early stage abortion. Second, several researchers are suspicious that long term use of this vaccine will lead to sterilization or autoimmune diseases. Third, this tool will be misused as form of social engineering. Previous cases of forced sterilization have been reported in China and India and these vaccines provide the opportunity for birth control on a vast scale.

Another point to note is that abortion vaccine technology would seriously weaken prolife influence in American society. This technology grants a rapid, inexpensive, and silent abortion. It requires no clinics. Doctors would distribute this vaccine in the privacy of their offices.

Furthermore, the prolife movement has tried to convey the “humaness” of the fetus by displaying graphic photos of fetuses with well formed eyes, fingers, toes, and heart. Abortion vaccines destroy the life in the embryonic stage, which is smaller than the dot on this “i.” The myth that abortion removes just a “blob of cells” will be reinforced.

A strong and urgent need for an effective response by the church and prolife forces is crucial. Sadly, many prolife organizations are still ignorant of abortion vaccine technology.

Presently, reports are surfacing of HCG vaccine trials in Mexico, the Philippines, and Tanzania. Some trials may be in violation of the protocol of “informed consent.” A strong, unambigous response is necessary to alert the US and the rest of the world to these abortion vaccines, which though touted as birth control, in reality are hazardous to the woman and deadly to the unborn.


  • Lawrence Roberge

    At the time he wrote this article, Lawrence Roberge was a research scientist in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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