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Is Hallow Shallow?

Hallow, the popular Catholic prayer app, recently ran into controversy when it hired rabidly pro-abortion actor Liam Neeson. Yet this was just a symptom of its problematic monetization and celebritization of prayer.

Can Catholics Support Libertarians?

The election of libertarian candidate Javier Milei as president of Argentina raises the question among Catholics: Can a Catholic support a libertarian? Or is libertarianism contrary to Catholicism, particularly Catholic social teaching?

Living Under a Dictator Pope

The ouster of Bishop Strickland is another example of a lawless pope tyrannizing the Church. But ultimately, what can the average Catholic do about it?

Blaming the Victim, Shooting the Messenger

When someone leaves Catholicism due to scandals in the Church, it does no good to accuse him of unfaithfulness or blame those who are exposing the crisis in the Church. But how should we respond?

Building a Catholic Community in East Texas

Almost three years ago, to much fanfare, a new intentionally Catholic community was founded near Tyler, Texas. Since then it has faced growing pains as well as successes. What is the status today of the Veritatis Splendor community?

Stumbling on the Synodal Path

The Synod on Synodality (Part I) just ended, and it didn’t go as pre-planned. Outside events overshadowed the proceedings, and not everyone was on board the path to a synodal Church.

Rome Fiddles While the World Burns

The Middle East and Ukraine are engulfed in war, society has become increasingly (and violently) anti-Catholic, and millions are leaving the Church; meanwhile, Church leaders are meeting together to talk about meetings. What is a Catholic to do?

Defending Marriage When Church Leaders Don’t

The institution of marriage is under attack; in fact, in many ways it seems to be on its last legs. How have Catholic leaders failed in defending marriage, and how can Catholics rebuild our respect for this sacred institution?

War in the Holy Land

The recent attack on Israel by Hamas has led many prominent voices in government and media to call for a substantial response, including an escalation of the conflict to include America and Iran. How should Catholics judge this conflict and America’s role in it?

What Is a Catholic’s Duty to the Pope?

The current papacy has many Catholics wondering what level of obedience and submission is due to the pope’s various actions and statements, such as exhortations on climate change and synods contemplating radical changes to the Faith.

From Fundamentalist to Anglican to Catholic Priest

Fr. Dwight Longenecker has had quite a life. Brought up Evangelical Protestant, he attended the fundamentalist Bob Jones University. He eventually went to Oxford and became an Anglican minister. Finally, he was received into the Catholic Church and was ordained a Catholic priest.

Faithful Bishops Rise Up

After years of episcopal silence in the face of heresy, corruption, and scandal, we’re starting to see some successors to the apostles boldly standing up for the Faith.

Did Vatican II Foster Religious Indifference? A Debate

Dr. Eduardo Echeverria (Professor of Philosophy and Systematic Theology) and Mr. Matt Gaspers (Managing Editor, Catholic Family News) debate whether Vatican II itself (and not just the “Spirit” of the council) fostered a sense of religious indifference among Catholics.

Are Sunday Masses Too Long Or Are They Too Banal?

Cardinal Dolan recently wrote an article asking if Sunday Masses were too long. While taking a potshot against more traditional features of the liturgy, he also seems to completely miss the essence of what makes the Mass different than any other human activity.

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