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How to Inspire Catholic Men (Guest: Michael Mason)

The Catholic Church is undergoing a crisis of masculinity. Most parishes are dominated by women, and men are rarely at the forefront of spiritual leadership in a parish. What can be done to reinstate men as spiritual leaders?

Fiducia Supplicans Strikes Again

Fiducia Supplicans exposed deep divisions within the Catholic Church, and now it is reaching its tentacles beyond the Church to scuttle attempts at union with non-Catholic churches.

Why Religious Indifference is Deadly

8 out of every 10 Catholics believe that other religions can lead to eternal life. How does this religious indifference impact the Catholic Church’s ability to live out her mission to convert the entire world to Catholicism?

Are Women Deacons Coming to the Catholic Church?

There’s been much talk recently at the highest levels of the Catholic Church about the possibility of women deacons, and one theologian close to Pope Francis says that he’s in favor of it. Are women deacons even possible in the Catholic Church?

Did Newman Say We Could Disobey the Pope?

St. John Henry Newman lived at a time when a Catholic’s obligation of obedience to the pope was hotly debated. What he wrote can be challenging today both for those who advocate for total obedience and for those who “recognize and resist” Pope Francis.

Can Catholics Still “Follow the Science?”

The reputation of “Science” is in tatters for many people, leading some to question things that were previously assumed by just about everyone. What is the proper Catholic approach to evaluating the claims of scientists?

Should Catholics Vote in 2024?

Crisis Editor Eric Sammons recently wrote an article arguing that Catholics should consider not voting in the 2024 presidential election. Needless to say, it got a lot of pushback, which we’re going to address today on the podcast.

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