Darrick Taylor

Darrick Taylor earned his PhD in History from the University of Kansas. He lives in Central Florida and teaches at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL. He also produces a podcast, Controversies in Church History, dealing with controversial episodes in the history of the Catholic Church.

recent articles

The Last Temptation of the Lay Apologist

Lay apologists today, because of the media environment and other circumstances in society, face temptations that their predecessors did not; primary among them is the clickbait temptation.

Is Traditionalist Catholicism a Sect?

Traditionalist Catholicism is much like a sect, sociologically speaking, but the wider Church should learn from that if she wants to survive in the modern world.

Wokeism Is Liberalism

Many associate Wokeism as a form of Marxism, but it’s more accurate to say it’s a form of Liberalism.

Beethoven and the Supersymmetry of Christ

Despite sin, death, decay, pain, and suffering, a greater harmony, greater beauty and love, exists. Beethoven captures this “supersymmetry” of Christ in music with his “Holy Hymn.”

The Conservative Ghost Dance

Conservatives who appeal to traditional aspects of American polity as a means of defeating the new seemingly unstoppable threat to the world they have known are setting themselves up for disaster.

The Revolution Is Upon Us

Progressives, political or religious, figured out that you don’t need to have the masses on your side if you control who runs the bureaucracies.

Development of Doctrine and Its Discontents

Development of Doctrine—a legitimate way to understand how the Church’s teaching appears different in different ages—has become a way to introduce innovations contrary to the Church’s perennial teachings.

Farewell to Luther

Luther’s theological positions were disastrously wrong, but his anguished search for certainty of his own salvation humanized him for me, as much as his screeching diatribes against the Church repulsed me. 

On the Necessity of Latin

Does the Catholic Church need Latin? Most Roman Catholics now worship in the vernacular, and some argue that with good translations available, Catholics do not need to acquaint themselves with it, outside of a few specialists. 

Catholics Must Make Alliances with the Elites

Twitter can force even the most powerful people on earth to listen. The Democrats learned this lesson all too well, which is why they were so invested in quashing news stories that might harm Joe Biden’s campaign in 2020.


A Unified Theory of “Backwardism”

What was so awful about the pre-Vatican II Church that its memory needs to be obliterated and those who hold to doctrines that are ancient in provenance must be labeled as “rigid” and psychologically damaged?

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