John M. Grondelski

John M. Grondelski (Ph.D., Fordham) is a former associate dean of the School of Theology, Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey. All views expressed herein are his own.

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The Moral Message of La Salette

Our Lady appeared but once at La Salette but her message had a strong moral content, even if it might perhaps not register as such to moderns.

The First Thing About Work Is Getting Out of Bed

It is good for people to work together. It is good for people to get out of their beds, bedrooms, and houses to associate with different people for part of the day in order to do something, maybe even something creative.

Was John the Baptist “Welcoming”?

Since “welcoming” is a contemporary obsession of some ecclesiastics, and Vatican II instructed us to better ground our theology in Sacred Scripture, we can profit from examining John the Baptist’s approach to “welcoming.”

Eucharistic Thanksgiving

The word “Eucharist” itself literally means “thanksgiving.” So why does thanksgiving seem ever more removed from our celebration of the Eucharist?

To Catch a Killer

Enforcing the small laws can lead to a reduction of violations of the big laws, not on the basis of “broken windows” theory but a Catholic theology of sin.

Fidelity in Kigali?

The fourth Global Anglican Futures Conference adopted the “Kigali Commitment,” which was essentially an Anglican declaration of independence from the primacy of Canterbury.

The Dangers of the Other AI

Artificial insemination is in growing demand, due to increased fertility issues and inherently sterile same-sex relationships.

What Is a Mother?

Roe v. Wade taught Americans that the value and even acknowledgment of the fact of motherhood lies not in motherhood but in one’s attitude toward it.

Taking Archbishop Paglia at His Word

The Pontifical Academy for Life assured us that, though we had seen the naked text of Archbishop Paglia’s remarks on assisted suicide, he was attired in the finest and fullest of ecclesiastical garb.

Hands Off Easter!

There’s a movement afoot to fix a common date for Easter by 2025. It’s a movement fraught with problems.

The Marriage/Parenthood Disconnect

While conceptually distinctive, Catholic theology has always recognized marriage and parenthood typically go in tandem and that openness to life is a prerequisite to entering a valid marriage.

“C’mon, Ring Those Bells!”

Church steeples point men’s attention beyond the horizontal, the level of their eyes, and church bells are acoustic reminders of transcendence. Today’s world needs more, not less, of those reminders.

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