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On the Current Peace Discussion

Statement adopted by the plenary assembly of the Central Committee of German Catholics on 14 November 1981 in Bonn-Bad Godesberg Questions relating to the safeguarding of peace and freedom, disarmament and defense have for quite some time now played a central role in the public debate in our country. That debate is concerned with political … Read more

Statement by Religious Leaders

Vienna, 15 January 1983 This statement grew out of two days discussion 13-15 January in Vienna’s Intercontinental Hotel which involved the eleven religious leaders as well as six scientists, coming together at the invitation of Cardinal Koenig and Father Hesburgh. The six scientists, who were present to explain the document agreed to in Rome last … Read more

Letter of Catholic Congressmen to Archbishop Bernadin

Dear Archbishop Bernadin: As Catholic members of the United States Congress, we feel a profound responsibility for the direction of our nation’s defense policy. As laymen, we are responsible for the concrete application of moral principles, and we are grateful for the spiritual guidance provided by our common faith. Naturally, then, we have a unique … Read more

The Present Crisis

THOSE OF US who planned this new journal did so under the working title Catholicism in Crisis. We did so with the example of Reinhold Niebuhr vividly in mind, who on February 10, 1941, under analogous circumstances, finding existing periodicals inhospitable, launched Christianity and Crisis. There were many crises in 1941, Niebuhr wrote, but only one the crisis the intention … Read more

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