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Cruz Pledges to Ignore Unconstitutional Obergefell Decision

Editor’s note: Below is an excerpt from an interview with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) conducted by Professor Robert P. George of Princeton University that aired November 25 on EWTN. The interview series, titled “Candidate Conversations 2016,” will pose a number of questions to presidential candidates on topics of particular concern to Catholic voters. The passage … Read more

SPECIAL REPORT: Fr. Marcel Guarnizo Defends Himself Against Accusers

Many Crisis readers are concerned at the reports that have begun to emerge regarding Fr. Marcel Guarnizo’s denial of Communion to the alleged lesbian Barbara Johnson and the subsequent loss of his priestly faculties upon the authority of Cardinal Wuerl and communicated through a letter by Bishop Knestout, the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of … Read more

The Road Ahead for Crisis

To our readers: These are exciting yet challenging times at Crisis. When we hung out our “Gone Fishing” sign back in late July — without indicating a firm date when we would return — some faithful readers wondered if there were changes in the works behind the scenes. And, indeed, in the months since our vacation, … Read more

Crisis Magazine Summer Reading List 2011

With summer fully, oppressively upon us, it’s time once again for the Crisis Magazine Summer Reading List. We’ve asked writers, staff, and friends to share with us some books they’ve recently enjoyed and what they recommend to while away a muggy afternoon. Their picks cover everything from classics to new favorites, fiction to history to … Read more

Predictions for 2010

With 2009 in the books, we asked the staff and friends of InsideCatholic to offer their predictions for the new year.   Here’s what they told us…     ♦♦♦     Congress will take another stab at comprehensive immigration reform and will pass a less-than-perfect bill before May and the run-up to the midterm … Read more

The InsideCatholic Summer Reading List 2009

Summer is in full wilt, and that means it’s time for the InsideCatholic Summer Reading List. We’ve asked bloggers, staff, and writers to suggest a few titles they’ve recently enjoyed. They’ve obliged.   Have a look at the list — you’ll find something for every interest — and then add your own recommendations in the … Read more

25 Years of Crisis

In 1982, Ralph Mclnerny and Michael Novak founded Catholicism in Crisis as a response to increasing liberalization among the bishops in the United States. Originally published by the Brownson Institute, the magazine was first based out of Notre Dame. In 1984, the magazine moved to Washington, D.C., and shortly after that, the name was abbreviated … Read more

What Does the Study Tell Us? Seven Prominent Catholics Respond

Russell Shaw If they gave a prize for most illuminating comment of the year by an American Catholic, a remark by a 25-year-old associate director of a Bronx senior center would have been a serious contender in 2006. After viewing the movie version of The Da Vinci Code, this canny young observer of religious affairs, … Read more


I remember seeing Pope John Paul II for the first time on television. He had command of the world stage from the day he took it. He never, ever disappointed. The attraction of his words and the tenderness of his gestures had the aura of holiness that no human could manufacture John Paul II lived … Read more

A Closer Look at Four Prominent Movements

COMMUNION AND LIBERATION Founded in 1954, Communion and Liberation (CL) has 100,000 members in 70 countries: “There is no membership card, only free participation of persons.” Mission: The education to Christian maturity of its adherents and collaboration in the mission of the Church in all the spheres of contemporary life. Apostolates: While its members … Read more

Sed Contra: Inside the Pandora’s Box

It goes without saying that if priests had kept their vow of celibacy there would be no sexual-abuse scan­dal. But we still hear the claim, from Voice of the Faithful and others, that celi­bacy is somehow the fundamental cause of the crisis. How does such an obvious contradiction get so much attention in the media … Read more

20 Years of Crisis Magazine

In 1982, Ralph McInerny and Michael Novak founded Catholicism in Crisis. Originally published by the Brownson Institute, the magazine was first based at Notre Dame. Two years later, the magazine was moved to Washington, D.C., and shortly after, the name was changed to Crisis. The office was modest—a mere 750 square feet—and the staff was … Read more

Can the IRS Shut Down the Catholic Church? Crisis Interviews Robert Destro

Dr. Robert Destro is the former interim dean of the Columbus School of Law at the Catholic University of America and is an expert on church-state relations. Crisis publisher and editor Deal W. Hudson sat down with him at our offices in Washington, D.C. Deal W. Hudson: It’s commonly said that Catholics who are politically … Read more

Late Edition: The Back Door to Human Cloning

Before September 11 erased our collective political memory, embryonic stem cell research was just about the hottest item on the national political agenda. President George W. Bush defused the issue temporarily when he announced last August that federal financial support would be limited to research on existing embryonic stem cell lines. The boys in the … Read more

Maestro of Movies and Masses: Steve Edwards

From dramatic orchestral scores to big-band tunes to the sacred sounds of a Latin Mass, the prolific work of composer Steve Edwards can hardly be categorized in a single style. In June 2000, philanthropist Thomas S. Monaghan commissioned Edwards to compose an orchestral Mass in honor of the Chapels of Ave Maria at Domino’s Farms … Read more

High Court Approves Infanticide: Dissenting Opinions

Chief Justice William Rehnquist I did not join the joint opinion in Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. vs. Casey (1992), and continue to believe that case is wrongly decided. Despite my disagreement with the opinion, under the rule laid down in Marks vs. United States (1977), the Casey joint opinion represents the holding of the … Read more

All Sides Speak Out Against the Stenberg Decision

“In its ruling, the Supreme Court has taken the outrage of abortion itself one step further by opening the door to an even graver crime, the destruction of children literally inches and seconds from birth.” ~Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua Archbishop of Philadelphia “A victory for barbarism…. The primary duty of any government is to protect the … Read more

Seeing Things: Nietzsche’s Conversion

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche has been the darling of modern intellectuals who claim that all religious and philosophical truths have been exploded by growing scientific and rationalistic knowledge. It was Nietzsche who first put forward the claim that there are no facts, only interpretations. And probably no thinker has been so influential in proclaiming … Read more

A Collection of Thoughts on Cardinal John O’Connor

Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago, Illinois Gaudium et Spes teaches that “in virtue of the Gospel entrusted to it the Church proclaims the rights of man.” It is no exaggeration to say that the foremost American practitioner of the “public Catholicism” Vatican Council II had in mind has been John Cardinal O’Connor. In … Read more

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