Julian Kwasniewski

Julian Kwasniewski is a musician specializing in renaissance Lute and vocal music, an artist and graphic designer, as well as marketing consultant for several Catholic companies. His writings have appeared in National Catholic Register, Latin Mass Magazine, OnePeterFive, and New Liturgical Movement. You can find some of his artwork on Etsy.

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How to Truly “Be Different”

What is now truly different is the old way of doing things; rebellion has become a rather drab and uniform affair of everyone being “different” in essentially the same rainbow way.

A Boots and Tie Education

Rather than primarily utilitarian, the college window should be about something much bigger than it actually is at most colleges.

The Wind Rises: Look at the Stars

When we train our attention on the heroic lives of the saints, on the words of Scripture, on the Presence of Our Lord in the Tabernacle, our sight is refined and we are reminded of the true focus.

A Phony Education

Wyoming Catholic College’s entirely cell-phone-free school year is directly ordered to freeing young people from a phony education.

The European Conservative: An Appreciation

Two things make The European Conservative stand out among other publications: its high-profile writers contributing top-notch content combined with its sleek and classy presentation.

Pilgrim Music

Modern masters of lust scream and shout their rock songs, but medieval peasants sing of beauty, salvation, and death to their mother.

Why I Fish for Fickle, Freckled Things

Fishing is an adrenalin-boosting hunt, a breath of fresh air, excitement mixed with relaxation, a time for wonder and solitude and meditation, and, sometimes, a time for camaraderie.

The Power of Theme Songs

Throughout music history, popular tunes have formed the basis of arrangements, fantasias, and variation suites.

Renaissance Jazz: Grooving in Style

Improvisation is one of Jazz’s distinctive features. One of the more recently recovered practices of Renaissance music, however, is also improvisation.

The Silence of Friendship

The silence of old friendship; a common trope in literature, perhaps a trite cliché. But do we ever practice it?

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