Mary Cuff

Mary Cuff is an independent scholar, wife, and homeschooling mother. She holds a PhD in American literature from the Catholic University of America and has published in the Southern Literary Journal, Five Points, Mississippi Quarterly, and Modern Age. She teaches online high school classical rhetoric courses at Homeschool Connections.

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Forgive Them, Father

The hardest people to forgive are those men called to be our spiritual fathers and shepherds who are blatantly and publicly inflicting wounds on the mystical body of the Church.

Saints Walking Among Us

Gaining a cozy, daily familiarity with a handful of the old saints can alleviate some of the depression and loneliness we might feel in the present often unfriendly environment of our Church.

Casting Down the Strange Gods

Catholics who feel somewhat cast adrift in the choppy waters of modernism and innovation would do well to make Mother Francis’ acquaintance.

By Their Works Ye Shall Know Them

In our increasingly all-present welfare state, we must realize that working for our daily bread is not a necessary evil but a means to ensuring man’s dignity and humanity.

The Anti-Human Humanitarians of Davos

The World Economic Forum, with its impressive collection of CEOs ranging from Pfizer to Facebook to Black Rock, as well as senior representatives of all major heads of state, has become an anti-human, globalist shadow government.

“The Truest Ghost Story Ever Told”

Nestled in West Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, the town of Middleway boasts a ghost story that rivals the most famous haunted tales. What makes this haunting stand out is that it is a Catholic story.

Mothers of Men

One of the key places where modernity went wrong was in its belief that education is a gender-neutral activity. Boys in particular suffer from this error.

That Hideous Strength: A Prophecy for Our Times

For those of us attempting to weather the unsettling global upheavals in the 21st century, “That Hideous Strength” is vital reading to understand the network of connections in the cosmic battle in which we find ourselves. 

Boycott Disney to Save Your Child’s Soul

Boycotting Disney can revolutionize a family’s entire approach to children’s entertainment. It can become an opportunity to introduce our children to a greater wealth of stories.

St. Maravillas

The Beauty of Austerity

Faithfulness to the austere beauty of Teresa’s rule was the cause for canonization for a little-known modern saint, Mother Maravillas de Jesus (1891-1974).


Why is the Vatican Assailing Contemplative Life?

The future of contemplative orders in the Catholic Church is under siege, not by the oft-bemoaned vocations crisis, but by Archbishop Josè Rodrìguez Carballo, the secretary for the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. In 2018, Carballo released Cor Orans, a series of regulations on women’s monastic orders. Cor Orans … Read more


The Power of Poetry in The Hobbit

This year, if you want to make your Thanksgiving meal as awkward as can be, stand up from the table in front of your extended family, clear your throat, and recite a nice long poem. Your in-laws will visibly blanch, and the chattering toddlers will grow silent. This will be no mere political argument or … Read more


Alone Among Mine Enemies

The saddest line in all of Western literature is at the end of Thomas Malory’s Le Mort d’Arthur. The divinely blessed Round Table has been destroyed, betrayed and sabotaged by the very knights who had been charged with its protection. King Arthur has been utterly defeated by jealous, power hungry hordes whipped into fury by … Read more

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