Priscilla Smith McCaffrey

Priscilla Smith McCaffrey is the author of Christmas Blossoms from Sophia Press. She has written for Homeschooling Today, The National Catholic Register and The Traditionalist. Her two podcasts on subjects related to homeschooling and Catholic Seniors can be found at

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A Mother Receives Her Dead Son

At last she could do something for her son. It  was a work she would immediately set to—receive his pitiful body, draw him to her heart,  caress him.

Xi Jinping

The Attempt to Harmonize Chinese Communism with Catholicism

In mid-March 2013, two men came to world power, each a leader of nearly one fifth of the population of the earth. And it looks as if Pope Francis and Xi Jinping will be leaders for life. Each has a new program for his people. One speaks of “accompaniment” and has initiated a “process of … Read more

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