Black Lives Matters Goes Full Marxist

The rise of the Black Lives Matter movement during the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, brought increased scrutiny into the movement’s leadership. Formed in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting back in 2013, Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization that uses race as a weapon against communities across the United States—that much is clear even at first blush. But the more that outsiders began to look into what was really going on behind the mass media’s love affair with the terrorist group, the more it became apparent that BLM was not just an opportunistic race-baiting squad. There was a method to the madness after all.

Perhaps the most damning revelation was that the foundresses of Black Lives Matter—Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza—were “trained Marxists.” This was not speculation. It came directly out of Cullors’ mouth. In a 2015 interview, Cullors boasted that she and Garza were “trained Marxists” who were “super-versed” in Marxist ideology. Their guru in all things Marxism had been Eric Mann, an ex-con and former Students for a Democratic Society leader who spent time in prison for the same violent tactics that Black Lives Matter deploys today.

Mann, the erstwhile wingman to fellow Left-wing terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, taught Cullors and Garza the ropes of domestic terror. And he also taught them the rationale behind violent revolution: Marxism. Compare Left-wing violence in any country and at any time since 1848 with the riots, looting, arson, vandalism, and outright murder that Left-wing groups are visiting upon American cities in the twenty-first century, and you will find them the same. Marx is to urban warfare as Santa Muerte is to the cult of the dead in Mexico—the patron devil of evildoers.

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And yet, despite the overwhelming evidence for BLM’s Marxism, and even the boastful confession directly from the BLM leaders, the mass media continued to deny that Black Lives Matter was Marxist. Van Jones, for example—himself a Marxist—wrote glowingly of BLM, and his fellow propagandists at CNN praised Black Lives Matter effusively even while its foot soldiers were torching Black businesses to the ground. Black Lives Matter was running riot in America, and American Leftists couldn’t say enough nice things about the destruction.

The same Marxist mayhem that we have seen in dozens of other places around the world—the communist-ravaged streets of Venezuela, the hellish crackdowns against Catholics and free citizens in Hong Kong—was playing out right in our own backyard. But, we were told, none of this had anything to do with Marx. Even the quasi-libertarian Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) was at pains to separate the Marxism of Black Lives Matter from the non-Marxism of the people who support it.

It is undeniably true that Black Lives Matter is a Marxist terrorist group. It is also undeniably true that its leaders are Marxists and that its followers, no matter how duped and deluded, are working (read: rioting) to advance Marxist goals. However, I also agree that, until recently, Black Lives Matter was not really Marxist. It was still missing one thing: grotesque inequality.

Marxism is not a political or economic theory. It is a formula for seizing control of resources and power. The nonsense about smashing patriarchies and the laughable study groups by fellow-traveler professors on the labor theory of value are all sideshows. The entire point of Marxism is apparent in what the Soviets used to call the “nomenklatura,” the secular elect. Marxism reshuffles the deck of any society and allows the worst, most craven elements to rise to the top. That, and that alone, is the reason that Marxism exists.

The Chinese Communist Party, the old Bolsheviks who used to crowd the Kremlin, the dictators of Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea—these people are why Marxism was invented. Marxism is all about concentrating power and resources in the hands of a very few. Once that has been accomplished, then—and only then—can we really say that a movement is Marxist.

Well, Black Lives Matter, mission accomplished. We have recently learned that BLM foundress Patrisse Cullors has bought a 1.4-million-dollar estate in the rolling hills above Malibu, California. (In a bitter irony, the neighborhood is almost 90% white.) This was not Cullors’ first multi-million-dollar real estate purchase. She also reportedly owns high-end properties in Georgia, elsewhere in California, and is allegedly also considering purchasing a luxurious seaside mansion in an ultra-exclusive development in the Bahamas. Now that Black Lives Matter is transparently a machine for propelling hustlers into positions of obscene wealth and power, we can finally say that it has gone full Marxist.

Other BLM chapters in the United States reacted with stunned anger to the news of Cullors’ jet-setting lifestyle. The family of Michael Brown, the young man who was shot in Ferguson and whose death Black Lives Matter exploited as a ticket to global fame, has demanded that Cullors share some of the more than 90 million dollars that BLM raked in in donations in 2020. Black entrepreneurs were taken aback by her “buying binge.” Social activists lower down the Marxist food chain took to Twitter to express their disbelief—how can someone claim to be a socialist, as Cullors does, they asked, and yet purchase several multi-million-dollar homes?

The answer is very simple. Patrisse Cullors has, finally, become a true Marxist. She has milked the ignorant little people dry and has amassed all the money and power for herself. She will go on being lauded by the lapdog press, and her wealth and fame will grow exponentially. She has reached the stratosphere. Marx called for violence, and Cullors delivered; but that was not yet quite enough. There was still one more hill to climb after American cities started to be burned down by Cullors’ disciples. Only the true Marxists live in palaces. Only the real socialists have eight- (or nine-) figure bank accounts and can make the media and the political establishment dance just by snapping their fingers for a tune. Patrisse Cullors, congratulations. Black Lives Matter has now, at long last, arrived at its Marxist destination.

[Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons]


  • Jason Morgan

    Jason Morgan is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Foreign Studies at Reitaku University in Chiba, Japan. He earned his doctorate in history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016. His reviews, essays, and translations have appeared in Modern Age, Metamorphoses, Japan Forward, Logos, Human Life Review, University Bookman and elsewhere.

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