Christian Rugby Player Fights Back Against the Gay Lobby

In one of the most infamous “Nixon tapes,” recorded by one of the most unjustly hated presidents in U.S. history, Nixon is captured conversing with Evangelical leader and “America’s Pastor,” the Reverend Billy Graham, immediately after the National Prayer breakfast on February 1, 1972. Noting the changing of the guard in the American power structure, in which leftists had by the early seventies achieved near total dominance in academia, the media, and the entertainment industry and were at work destroying the fundamentally Christian character of the American people, Graham remarked that there was a need to break the “stranglehold” liberals in the media had on the United States or “the country is going [to go] down the drain.”

Later that November, President Nixon would prove how out of touch the newly emergent leftist establishment was by trouncing George McGovern, the poster boy of the New Left, in the presidential elections, carrying 520 electoral votes and 49 states.

As his landslide victory indicated, Nixon could rely on the support of the American people who were as disgusted with “acid, amnesty, and abortion” as the 36th president of the United States.

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President Nixon could also, for the most part, count on the support of American big business owners who donated en masse to Nixon’s 1972 campaign. During the Cold War, the heads of American corporations, despite their own personal peccadillos, were for the most part loyal to the United States that, for better or worse, stood as the world’s most prominent supporter of capitalism and free market economics.

Throughout the struggle with Soviet totalitarianism, large and powerful American corporations were willing to strike a bargain with social conservatives who were waging what would later be called a Culture War against the anti-family and deeply unnatural moral policies of the New Left. This bond between business leaders and conservatives worked because, at the time, the middle class family was viewed as the bedrock of the American economy, and thus promoting stable and fertile families was good for business.

However, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, big business abandoned social conservatism during the Clinton and then Obama eras when Democrats convinced the heads of U.S. corporations that the millennial rebranding of the New Left as the party of both ethnic and sexual diversity would provide business with cheap labor granted by mass immigration and outsourcing as well as a supply of self indulgent gender bending consumers eager to gobble up the latest readily disposable product.

This new “Coalition of the Ascendent” would provide a never-ending supply of producers and consumers who would work for less than the head of a middle class household and spend their way into horrific debt as opposed to saving and conserving as the American family previously had been wont to do.

Joining leftist ethnic and sexual politics with a new “post-Postmodern,” debt-driven global consumer economy has produced what is ridiculed on the internet as Woke Capital or “Globohomo.” However, while the memes mocking this phenomenon are humorous, the power of Globohomo is no laughing matter.

Emboldened by its worldwide success in legalizing “gay marriage” during the Obama era and having initiated the transgender movement via the infamous June 2015 cover photo of Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner, Globohomo has now turned its sights on children in an attempt to normalize pedophilia.

“Drag Queen Story Hour,” during which cross-dressing sex offenders and other degenerates read “gender bending” stories to young children, is now protected as a sacred right by armed law enforcement.

Pedophilia is now being taught as a normal sexual orientation in California schools.

Even the notoriously boring Ted Talks are promoting pedophilia as a normal human condition.

Perhaps wary of its tenuous grip on the minds and hearts of the people of the world, Globohomo enforces its orthodoxy with brute force.

Christians are regularly fired from employment for objecting to constant LGBT propaganda in the work place, and even government employees are threatened with termination for not undergoing Globohomo indoctrination sessions.

It seems that the “stranglehold” discussed by Billy Graham and president Richard Nixon in 1972 has only tightened around the neck of not only Americans, but of good people the world over.

However, all is not lost, and the recent case of Christian rugby player Israel Folau’s challenge to Globohomo totalitarianism is an inspiration to Catholics who increasingly find themselves and their families in the grip of enforced LGBT orthodoxy.

A talented athlete of Tongan descent, Israel Folau has been waging a battle against Globohomo in Australia throughout these past several months. Formerly the highest paid man in Australian rugby, Folau was expelled from Rugby Australia in May of 2019 due to posting on his Instagram account a month earlier that homosexuals will go to hell unless they repent of their sins.

Since his firing for expressing Christian morality, Folau has raised $2 million Australian dollars toward legal fees for his lawsuit against Rugby Australia for unlawful termination of his contract. After raising $500,000 on GoFundMe, the increasingly political crowdfunding website shut down his campaign for expressing the wrong opinion on homosexuality while claiming Folau had breached their terms of service.

The Folau case is raising some interesting points which can serve as guidance and hope for Catholics who may someday soon find themselves in Globohomo’s crosshairs.

  1. There is more support for Christian resistance to homosexuality than the media lets on. Folau has raised a tremendous amount of money and has garnered support from people the world over.
  2. The fight against Globohomo is a global fight. While ethnic tension is high throughout the world due to uncontrolled mass immigration and constant media race baiting, there are hundreds of millions of Christians from every ethnicity and race who are willing to fight in support of the natural law.
  3. Cowering and apologizing to Globohomo does not work. Israel Folau’s attempt to deescalate the controversy by making a few tolerant statements only emboldened his critics. Folau’s generous comments did not save him his job or his reputation, for in the church of Globohomo there is no redemption for sinners. Folau came to this realization and has since defiantly condemned sodomy as well as the targeting of children by transgender groomers.
  4. The leftist media is populated by ideologues who pretend to be journalists. They cannot tolerate diversity of opinion and their hatred of Christianity is, at best, only thinly veiled. Since Israel Folau’s transgression of Globohomo orthodoxy, the number of articles attacking him in the Western press has been predictably high. As a case in point, here is an especially venomous and “off the meds crazy” recent attack on Folau’s Christianity from The Guardian, the leading socialist paper in the U.K.

Israel Folau is a Tongan warrior for Christ who has declared war on Globohomo. His example of tenacious resolve and a willingness to sacrifice his livelihood for his faith and the well-being and health of children targeted by the LGBT agenda the world over should serve as an example to Catholics that strength combined with faith has the power to challenge and ultimately defeat the enemies of Christ.

Editor’s note: Pictured above, Israel Folau speaks to the media following his conciliation meeting with Rugby Australia at the Fair Work Commission on June 28, 2019, in Sydney, Australia. (Photo credit: Don Arnold/Getty Images)


  • Jesse B. Russell

    Jesse B. Russell writes for a variety of Catholic publications.

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