Friday Free-for-All

Time for some links to get the morning rolling: 

  • As if the bill weren’t already controversial enough: The Senate Armed Services Committee approves an amendment to the bill seeking the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” that would allow abortions at military hospitals.
  • Pope Benedict reaffirms celibacy during the closing events for the Year of the Priest: “Celibacy ‘is made possible by the grace of God … who asks us to transcend ourselves.’ Celibacy would be a ‘scandal,’ he said, only in ‘a world in which God is not there.’”
  • The International GfK “Trust Index” shows faith in the clergy falling (presumably because of the scandal)…. but at least it’s still higher than faith in politicians. [H/t Deacon Greg]
  • 16-year-old Californian Abby Sunderland was found alive and well today, after she was feared missing at sea in her attempts to sail solo around the world — but the incident has sparked debate again about whether a person so young should be alone at sea in the first place.
  • Sister Mary Jane: Nuns busted for growing pot in convent garden.
  • “You will not fear”: Fantastic photo of faith in wartime.


Orthodox. Faithful. Free.

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    Margaret Cabaniss is the former managing editor of Crisis Magazine. She joined Crisis in 2002 after graduating from the University of the South with a degree in English Literature and currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland. She now blogs at

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