Genetically modified foods may not be so safe after all…

So much for genetically modified (GM) foods being ‘absolutely safe.’ The Huffington Post reports that a study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences shows that GM corn is linked to organ damage in rats.

The study looked at three varieties of big agribusiness Monsanto’s GM corn — all three were approved for human consumption by the United States and Europe. 

Effects were mostly concentrated in kidney and liver function, the two major diet detoxification organs, but in detail differed with each GM type. In addition, some effects on heart, adrenal, spleen and blood cells were also frequently noted. As there normally exists sex differences in liver and kidney metabolism, the highly statistically significant disturbances in the function of these organs, seen between male and female rats, cannot be dismissed as biologically insignificant as has been proposed by others. We therefore conclude that our data strongly suggests that these GM maize varieties induce a state of hepatorenal toxicity….These substances have never before been an integral part of the human or animal diet and therefore their health consequences for those who consume them, especially over long time periods are currently unknown.

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Monsanto, which makes a fortune on its GM corn, conducted its own 90-day trial before declaring it safe, even though chronic issues take more than three months to show up.

Of course, they’re defending their corn, saying the research is “based on faulty analytical methods and reasoning and do not call into question the safety findings for these products.”

The study’s author, Gilles-Eric Séralini, responded to that:

Our study contradicts Monsanto conclusions because Monsanto systematically neglects significant health effects in mammals that are different in males and females eating GMOs, or not proportional to the dose. This is a very serious mistake, dramatic for public health. This is the major conclusion revealed by our work, the only careful reanalysis of Monsanto crude statistical data.

Monsanto is like a real life James Bond villain. I wonder if company headquarters is carved out of a volcano?



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