Gina Carano and the Rise of the Corporate Fascist Empire

My wife and I are both huge Star Wars fans, and naturally we have passed our passion for Star Wars down to our boys. So, when Disney+ announced that it was launching a new Star Wars television series titled The Mandalorian, we were excited. After all, a series about a bounty hunter that looked like Boba Fett was every Star Wars fanboy’s dream! Every Friday night my family gathered with popcorn and candy to watch the latest episode. The stories are good, the special effects are great, and the characters are well developed.

One of those characters is a woman named Cara Dune, played by Gina Carano. Cara Dune is not the overly sexualized, overly confident, underdeveloped, boring character that is all too common in popular sci-fi and fantasy today. She’s a war veteran with some serious PTSD. She is beautiful, but not in the fake, Hollywood way. She feels real. She looks real. She is everything the feminists have been demanding for years from sci-fi and fantasy—a realistic, strong female character that is valued for her abilities, not her sexuality.  

Cara Dune was an extremely popular character. So popular in fact, that Lucasfilm, the Disney-owned company that makes Star Wars, had plans for giving her a Disney+ spinoff show. But that was before they realized Gina Carano engaged in Wrongthink. Apparently, she made some posts on social media that the company did not like, and they fired her. The Daily Wire quotes a Lucasfilm spokesperson stating that “[Carano’s] social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.” What in the world did Carano post that would merit not only her firing but such a venomous statement?  

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According to the Daily Wire, Carano posted a screenshot that stated: “Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?” 

Had her post actually denigrated Jews, as Lucasfilm claimed, I would have agreed with their decision to fire Carano. But clearly the post does not denigrate Jews. To the contrary, the post correctly depicts the Nazis as bad guys and the Jews as victims to warn Americans through historical analogy not to go down the slippery road of hate.  

So why mischaracterize Carano’s post? According to the Hollywood Reporter, a source at Lucasfilm has claimed that “[The executives at Lucasfilm] have been looking for a reason to fire her for two months.” Why? On the surface it appears that Carano has simply been the latest victim of America’s “cancel culture” as the “woke mob” took to Twitter with the hashtag #FireGinaCarano. But upon deeper examination it becomes clear that the woke mob did not force corporate executives to fire Carano, but rather the corporate executives are the woke mob.  Or more accurately, woke executives have taken over corporate America and are turning us into a corporate fascist state. Ironically, they are doing the thing Carano warned about in the post that got her fired.

In the world of woke corporate fascism, making money has become secondary. While Goya Foods, Chick-Fil-A, and My Pillow saw their sales skyrocket when they refused to bend to the woke mob, the NFL and Target lost customers by being too woke. But instead of changing their policies, they doubled down on their wokeness.

The primary goal for woke corporations is power because power is the primary goal of all would-be tyrants. What do these corporations care if they lose a million or even a billion dollars if they can get everyone to bend to their will? Like a bully who enjoys making other kids cry “uncle,” these corporate tyrants love exerting their control over us. Americans must allow men to use the restroom with our little girls; we must stand and cheer for men who refuse to stand and cheer for our country; but most of all, we must never engage in Wrongthink!

Unfortunately, power-hungry corporate executives control many of the largest corporations on the planet. Giant corporations decide what “facts” the public is allowed to see. Giant corporations decide what is acceptable to think and what is not. Giant corporations decide who is allowed to communicate with the public. Twitter even banned the sitting President of the United States! Imagine that, a communication company censoring the President. And before you defend Twitter’s actions to suspend then-President Trump’s account, remember, Twitter has allowed the tyrannical, anti-Semitic, terror-sponsoring, war-mongering Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran to remain on their platform.

The woke elites who run most of the world’s major corporations despise us. They think they are superior to us, that we are not smart enough, or cultured enough, or cosmopolitan enough to think correctly. Those of us who disagree with them must be reeducated or destroyed. They want us to not only be silenced, but to starve. They don’t want us to have jobs or friends or anything. If you dared to vote wrong, you must be reeducated until you grovel properly, or you must be shunned and starve. Because you engage in Wrongthink, you do not deserve to make a living to feed your family.  

Am I being hyperbolic? People like Gina Carano are fired from their jobs for not thinking the right way. YouTube has demonetized and banned filmmakers for not thinking the right way. Facebook, Twitter, and other sites have banned users for not thinking the right way. Amazon, the world’s largest book seller, has refused to sell books that don’t present the proper position. Apple and Google have refused to allow the social media platforms Gab and Parler to be on their phones, and Amazon stopped hosting Parler’s website, because those platforms do not force their users to conform to Righthink. Meanwhile, various media personalities are calling for the blacklisting of former Trump administration officials, and the reeducation of Trump supporters.

The similarities between the socially ostracized lepers of Christ’s day and those who engage in Wrongthink today are many. Under Jewish law, the unclean lepers were not allowed to go into the Temple. They had to sleep outside of the city, shout that they were “unclean” as they traversed the city, and keep their heads shaved and clothes torn to identify themselves. They were outcasts who could not get a job and were forced to beg for food. The corporate fascists would make all who engage in Wrongthink social lepers.

All Catholics who believe in biblical truths and the teachings of the Church must understand that we are on the list of undesirables. We are not far from being “canceled” either. Right now, that may seem unlikely to some. After all, there are just too many Catholics—and Christians in general—in this country for that to happen, right? How could they possibly blacklist us all, especially when many Catholics are in positions of power? The answer is simple. They will follow a modified Chinese model. In China, there are state-sanctioned Catholics who follow the guidelines of the Chinese Communist Party, and there are underground Catholics who refuse to conform to the state.  

The division in America will be similar, but, unlike China, this will not be government enforced due to Constitutional concerns. Instead, it will be enforced by corporations. There will be nothing official, but we’ll all see it. The “good” Catholics, like President Biden, will ignore the Church’s politically incorrect teachings on abortion, sexuality, and a host of other issues. The “intolerant” Catholics will be those who refuse to conform our beliefs to society. The “good” Catholics will be allowed to make all the baby-killing posts they want to, while those of us who point out that abortion is murder will be removed from platforms. “Intolerant” Catholics will lose social credit points for asserting that children should not have their genitalia surgically removed, or that biological males should not compete in sports against biological females.                                   

So, what can we as Catholics do? First, we need to make sure we are spiritually prepared for what is coming. We need to spend time in prayer, in bible study, and in taking advantage of the sacraments. We cannot win a battle unarmed. Second, we need to speak out. We have to reveal who these people really are: Fascists! They think they have the moral high ground, that we are simply ignorant and intolerant. We need to point out that these corporate fascists are really nothing more than morally corrupt tyrants who care for little except power and prestige. And we must use their own platforms to continue revealing the truth as long as they will allow it. Make them kick us off of their platforms, do not voluntarily leave in a vain attempt to “show them.” You won’t show them anything, you’ll just silence yourself like they want you to.     

We must support people who are targeted by the corporate fascists, even if we do not agree with them politically. The woke tyrants seek to turn those who engage in Wrongthink into social lepers. But those of us who follow Christ know that while the society in Jesus’ time shunned lepers, Jesus loved them. He helped them. He healed them. There are people who are hurting very badly from what is being done to them. People are losing their jobs, their friends, everything, because the woke tyrants have targeted them for destruction! We need to demonstrate to them the love of Christ, and show them that only He can heal their broken lives and this broken world. Finally, we must always remember to be loving and forgiving to our enemies, and pray for those who persecute us.

If the corporate fascists get their way, there will be no room for you or me. But we are the gatekeepers. If the nightmare scenario I outlined above comes to pass, it will be because we allowed it to happen. As Gina Carano says, “They can’t cancel us if we don’t let them.”

[Photo Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]    


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