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The Catholic antidote to the poison of today’s “manosphere” is St. Joseph.

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We cannot understate the current crisis facing young men in America. In the wake of the sexual and cultural revolutions, young men have been aimlessly drifting in an ever-hostile culture. Fatherlessness, pornography, video games, and drugs are just some of the problems facing men today. The men of the sexual revolution feel alone and isolated, clinging to anything that gives them a quick fix. As a young man born into a hypersexual culture, I relate to the struggles facing my generation. Men have forgotten how to be men; the results speak for themselves. 

What solution are we to give to these young men? Surely, there are better answers than a 90-day get-rich-quick scheme or making your bed in the morning. In a world full of disorder and noise, the young men of America should not embrace the false prophets of masculinity. Instead, on the feast day of the foster father of Jesus, they should seek to imitate the life and work of St. Joseph. 

First, the young men must turn off the false prophets of masculinity. These are groups of men who, while acting as if they are opposed to the liberal culture, are just offshoots of that same culture. Let’s begin with two famous—or infamous—false prophets: Andrew Tate and Costin Alamariu, known as “Bronze Age Pervert” or BAP. 

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The “red pill” style of masculinity believes that the world is against men in marriage, in divorce courts, in popular media, and most especially in daily interactions with women. While the diagnosis may be accurate in certain areas, the prescription is worse than the cure. The solution to problems such as injustices in divorce courts or promiscuity among women is to never marry and sleep with as many women as possible. How this makes sense is beyond me. According to the red pillers, men should not be focused on getting married or having families and should focus on the “hustle” and the “grindset.” It is a cowardly perspective that does not lead men to masculinity but to resentment and anger. 

Andrew Tate, the Muslim pimp, and his Hustler’s Academy is nothing more than a shallow and material scam meant to drag down vulnerable and impressionable young men. The “Top G” claims to be a hero, fighting against the Matrix that, for some reason, is afraid of the former kickboxer. Ironically, Tate’s solution to combatting the Matrix keeps men trapped in that same “Matrix.” Tate’s solution to a world of promiscuity and materialism is for men to be promiscuous and materially focused. Tate and his “red pill” followers are nothing more than “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” bringing men toward a more vicious and prideful life.

Following Tate comes BAP, the top neo-pagan on the right. BAP and his gang of BAPists promote a Nietzschean-right view of politics, where men should be focused on achieving the “will to power.” This “will to power” is to be done by embracing the Homeric virtues and rejecting the weakness and cowardice of Christianity. Just like the pagans of old, BAP and his crew point to Christianity for the decline of the West—and thus, the Bronze Age Mindset is the political vision that can save the West. 

BAP’s philosophy, similar to that of red pillers, is vicious and material. Besides focusing on the “will to power” and poorly interpreting Plato, BAP promotes his philosophy behind thousands of levels of irony, body-building aesthetics, poor grammar, and, for some reason, soft-core homoerotic pornography. It rejects the role of masculinity in becoming a father, having a family, or worshipping God. Instead, it focuses on an immature view of strength and power. Like Tate, BAP is another “wolf in sheep’s” clothing that leads more men away from the truth and toward their base appetites. 

Both the red pillers and the BAPists are not the solution to the masculinity crisis; they are a part of the problem. As Luca Adamo wrote at The American Postliberal, “Andrew Tate & Co. are certainly not lefties, but they are not conservatives either…our flock has been infiltrated by wolves who peddle a life of strain, pain, and empty promises.” While these crowds may be accurate in their diagnosis of society, they are, nevertheless, contributing to the decline of American men. 

True masculinity is not what these false prophets promote. Masculinity cannot be reduced to vain materialism, such as working out or being powerful. That is a childish way to view masculinity. True masculinity comes from humility. It is not found in the flash and pomp of 1990s bodybuilders but in the spiritual humility of Christ. The Catholic Church can provide the antidote to the spiritual poison our culture is ingesting: young men must go to St. Joseph!  Masculinity cannot be reduced to vain materialism, such as working out or being powerful.Tweet This

St. Joseph, the most chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the perfect model for our confused young men to look up to. Though many would say that St. Joseph did not lead a glamorous life, he had one of the most critical roles in salvation history. 

St. Joseph was always a just and holy man. Initially, when he was informed that the Blessed Virgin was with child by the Holy Spirit, he felt unworthy to care for the Son of God, which is one explanation for why he “sought to divorce her quietly.” But when the angel Gabriel visited him, he recognized his responsibility to care for the Son of God.

St. Joseph protected and cared for the Blessed Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus through all trials and adversities. Whether finding a place for the Lord to be born, protecting the Holy Family during the flight into Egypt, or providing for them through his work, St. Joseph demonstrates, numerous times, the example of Christian masculinity. 

St. Joseph did not work for his own glory but for the glory of others. He sacrificed much to please the will of God and allow salvation history to be completed. St. Joseph understood the Divine Mission that his foster son would complete, and with outstanding obedience, he raised and protected the Son of God. St. Joseph spoke no words in the Gospel, but he did not need to. His actions spoke louder than anything he could have said. 

Today, as young men are lost and confused, it is time for them to turn to St. Joseph. The earthly father of Jesus wants to protect all members of the mystical body of Christ, as he did while Christ was an infant. St. Joseph wants to be the father figure to all young men who feel hopeless and alone. Begin taking your responsibility as a man seriously, and work toward your salvation as St. Joseph did. 

As Catholics, we have a greater responsibility to serve as a model of virtue since we have the knowledge of the fullness of truth on our side. As St. Paul wrote, “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may be recompensed for his deeds in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad.” 

On this celebration of the feast of St. Joseph, let all young men find virtue and comfort in the paternal love radiating from his loving heart. Do not be fooled by the false masculinity of the world. Seek, instead, the true masculine example of St. Joseph. As Ven. Pope Pius XII said, “If you wish to be close to Christ, we again repeat, ‘Go to Joseph.’” 

St. Joseph, pray for us! 


  • Michael Ippolito

    Michael Ippolito is the co-founder and president of The American Postliberal. Michael graduated from the Catholic University of America with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and minors in History and Theology. He is published in the Daily Signal, The American Spectator, and MRCTV. You can follow him on X (Twitter) @mikeipps.

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