Our “Learning Agenda” From the Anti-Life Gnostics

After Hillary Clinton defended partial-birth abortion at a presidential debate, a poet promised that late-term abortion could unleash a mother’s “compassion.” Her sheeny New York Times essay about aborting a wiggling son whose name meant “heart” is heartbreaking.

He’d need a heart transplant one day if he survived delivery; he’d face “horribly painful obstacles” and subject his family to “hours upon hours in a hospital.”

His mother denounced the “ignorant” for saying he “should have a chance ‘to live,’” surrounding his life with scare quotes. She described transcendently “suspend[ing]” herself “in time” with him, said he made her a “better mother” and taught her “to love with reckless abandon.”

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The Times’ “picks” for top comments praised this lyricization of late-term abortion, erased abortion’s violence, because they “knew” a Gnostic secret. Aborting this kicking child embodied “motherhood in its highest form,” “protect[ing] him from trauma.” It gave him “life in a way that mere birth could not.”

“Nature is happily redundant,” and with a “forecasted 10 billion [people] by 2060 … it’s clear that the human race faces no risk at dying out.”

Gnostics, to borrow some formulations from Fr. Daniel Pattee, “suffer imprisonment from limits imposed by matter,” when we really “suffer from sin and evil.”

They denigrate “more matter in the form of children.”

Godlike elites escape matter’s limits through “knowledge”—an “awakening” not possible to all.

They are “reality fabricator[s].”

When David Daleiden exposed Planned Parenthood’s Gnostic trade in “usable” baby parts, a writer enlightened him on “the big secret of abortion.” She sneered that his crusade, like those ingenuous little attempts to show fingerprints at nine weeks, presumed women don’t already know “abortion is disgusting.” Evoking a crude comparison to menstrual matter, she proclaimed that the “blood,” “innards,” and “fetuses” that “become” babies are indeed “grotesqueries” in an abortion.

She quoted a former leader for Catholics for a Free Choice: “[Women] know that what is inside of them is going to die and come out… Abortions are yucky. But after that response, there is a shrugging of the shoulders.”

So it becomes just, grandiose if a Gnostic woman liberates herself from repulsive matter within. Daleiden’s videos require not some “moral … reckoning” but more outrageous Gnostic indoctrination.

Teen Vogue praised, to girls, an “amazing” crusade to send used menstrual supplies to Texas’s governor to protest requiring abortion providers to bury or cremate humans. (“Periods for Pence” was “hilarious,” laughs Cosmopolitan.)

Jezebel cried, “God bless those Satanists” as the Satanic Temple condemned “treat[ing] the disposal of fetal tissue differently from the disposal of any other biological material.”

Some abortionists just think burning aborted humans is “a really good solution” for energy. Oregon once derived electricity from all that “biomedical waste.”

Slate slams bills protecting unborn babies with detectable heartbeats; at six weeks they look like “lentil”-sized “shrimp.” A “powerful” TV episode flippantly stages an “a-bo-bo” emancipating a womb inseminated with a turkey baster.

Defiant pro-abortion researchers spotlight a woman who, after viewing an ultrasound, “feel[s] even better” about her abortion because it’s now “more real.”

#ShoutYourAbortion still yells that “there are no ‘good’ abortions and ‘bad’ abortions.” On its pre-election homepage women posed in T-shirts boasting, “EVERYONE KNOWS I HAD AN ABORTION.” More shouts looped ceaselessly behind them: “THIS IS NOT A DEBATE. ABORTION IS NORMAL. OUR STORIES ARE OURS TO TELL. THIS IS NOT A DEBATE. ABORTION IS NORMAL. OUR STORIES ARE OURS TO TELL…”

Its post-election homepage selectively shouts: “OUR STORIES ARE OURS TO TELL.”

One founder shouts because she is “not sorry.” If “it weren’t for mangled fetus photos,” she shouts in Glamour, she’d never think about the boring “medical procedure” that expelled her “tadpole.” She wants society to shout graphic details about bleeding from abortion pills so women aren’t “blindsided.”

Planned Parenthood’s president tweets this shouter’s post-election New York Times declaration that “we have abortion pills to stockpile and neighbors to protect and children to teach.” An Elle UK writer shouts her extreme abortion bleeding to fight “the shame that society forces upon us.”

Another #ShoutYourAbortion founder gushes, in Salon, that her Vacuum Aspiration made her “happy.” That name just “tickles” her. You’re “vacuuming” out the “unwanted detritus” threatening your “aspirations.” It’s like getting blood drawn—she’s had “more painful experiences flossing.”

Thousands have shouted inherently “valid” abortions:

I’ve never for 1 second regretted my 2 abortions at 19 and 24. & I know the men in my life haven’t either. #ShoutYourAbortion

I questioned my decision to terminate my pregnancy until that monster was elected. America is no place for my child. #shoutyourabortion

Today’s the anniversary of my abortion! Yay for bodily autonomy! & not seeing through a pregnancy when I didn’t want to! #shoutyourabortion

Slate extols an abortionist specializing in “later” abortions and “compassion.” Since abortion is “health care” like labor, she and “abortion doulas” make women feel “cared for and loved.”

One abortion doula recounts attempts “to remove the fetus intact” so a mother heartbroken by diagnosed fetal abnormalities could take baby pictures.

Pictures weren’t possible.

Another time the resident kept “bark[ing],” “Pull, harder,” until the “products of conception bucket” was filled with “bloody gunk” and a “doll-size arm, fist curled.”

She affirms a fourteen-year-old’s “really responsible choice.” She gives ice packs to a sixteen-year-old who is secretly involved with an abusive older man and cries, “Mommy!” in pain during her abortion.

She once glimpses, in a bucket, a “fetus … curled on its left side, fists closed, knees bent up.”

She achieves Gnostic “distancing”: “He looks more like an alien than a person.”

A founder of this “Doula Project” says outright: “Those pictures pro-life activists flash are real. That is what a fetus looks like when its head is crushed… You must decide … whether you are in or out… I have never been more in.”

An abortionist caught on Daleiden’s videos told colleagues to just admit “all the violence,” admit “it’s killing” because the “more compelling question” is, “So, why is this the most important thing I could do with my life?”

She’s a Harvard-trained University of Michigan professor interested in the “stigma” against abortionists and “the relationship of feminism to violence.”

She “feel[s] stigmatized” by our “discourse” everyday when she must pass a “Choose Life” bumper sticker on her way to work.

“Ah! I feel so mad!” she cries.

But she “feel[s] transgressive” by using a Pyrex baking dish and a kitchen strainer she got at 20 percent off to handle the “fluffy white tissue” she “removed.” These feminine “domestic objects” now show “women’s work” includes aborting children.

It’s all about subversive “irony.”

She voices “delight” in imagining others’ “shock.”

Elite Gnostic researchers want to finish demolishing the “‘feminine ideals’ of womanhood”—like “nurturing motherhood” and “purity”—that “stigmatize” killing children.

One, in The Huffington Post, blasts society for “stigmatiz[ing]” a woman who “defied” those “values” when she “appeared comfortable with the death” of a baby she threw in a dumpster.

The researcher elsewhere writes: “It is not only life that women can give, but also death and that is deeply disturbing to the moral order.”

So a revolutionary Gnostic order ridicules the virgin birth, ridicules the Incarnation. Planned Parenthood peddles blasphemous Christmas cards (“choice on earth”) and gift certificates (“the gift of life”), and it’s “perfect” when the heroine of ABC’s Scandal smilingly aborts her baby, to a glorious “Alleluia” in “Silent Night,” after a Wendy Davis double filibusters for Planned Parenthood.

Slate’s compassionate abortionist tells us to think, “Oh yeah, I saw [abortion] on Scandal. Olivia Pope had an abortion. It was no big deal. And she was fine.”

And the all-knowing International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is orchestrating our “learning agenda” with its Orwellian “messaging” guide on abortion. All of us must “not stigmatize abortion in any way.” “Norms” about abortion and sex generate “shame” and “mental harm” to abortionists and women and girls.

So IPPF’s “language guide” trains “educators,” “journalists,” and other potential cultural Marxists on “disseminating” its “suggested messages” (“abortion is a common medical procedure”). A Doublespeak table with sixteen entries replaces “stigmatizing” language (with “explanations”):

  • “Female feticide” becomes “abortion on the basis of fetal sex” because “‘-cide’ denotes ‘killing’ which is not appropriate when describing abortion.”
  • A “mother” becomes a “pregnant woman” because “mother” is “value laden and assigns roles that the … woman may not accept.”
  • “Repeat abortion” becomes “more than one abortion” because “repeat” can have “negative connotations, such as ‘repeat offenders.’”
  • A “baby” becomes an “embryo,” “fetus,” or “the pregnancy” (or “tissue,” if dead), because it is “medically inaccurate to describe the pregnancy as a baby or child.”

Teen Vogue rips Texas-mandated abortion booklets “filled with misleading … propaganda” as they describe, for instance, “your baby.” Even Laudato Si’ repeatedly, diplomatically describes “embryos” when noting abortion is “incompatible” with “protection of nature” (abortion makes it “difficult to hear the cry of nature itself”).

Students at a Catholic university “abort” a papaya to “destigmatize” the “simple medical procedure” used on children. Post-abortive women (“abortion storytellers”) proudly “come out” because “contact” with this “stigmatized minority” can “reduce prejudice.”

Planned Parenthood’s Twitter banner tellingly shouts, “WE REJECT YOUR HATE” and “RESIST YOUR THREATS.”

A Canadian teacher who said he personally opposed abortion “triggered” a student and lost his job. A French bill criminalizes pro-life websites; one official decries a “cultural climate that tends to make women feel guilty” about abortion.

European activists cry that journalists who portray baby bumps in abortion articles “criminalize” women.

After all, IPPF says images of “visibly pregnant women” should be replaced with, say, “a positive pregnancy test.” Planned Parenthood tweeted one such article, wherein a woman declared she “should have” aborted her son instead of being his “birth mother” forever.

Images should portray babies only to show “mothers have abortions too” and “normalize abortion” with “everyday situations.” So Glamour and Elle juxtapose mothers with messy buns with later images of perfect hair or idyllic hand-holding with surviving family. (Abortion’s popularity with already-moms is “mind-blowing.”)

Others appreciate that TV’s Jane the Virgin shows “Latinx” already-moms abort, too. The show “worked with Planned Parenthood” to craft that special message and show the “cramping” to expect from a medical abortion at home.

IPPF recommends targeting the young with “rights-based language” and “suggested messages” such as “all young people are sexual beings” (girls suffer from “compounded stigma” when they’re “discouraged from having sex until they are older and/or married”). A “promising practices” manual on the young praises “peer promoter[s]” for “youth abortion services.” “Improving … friendliness” means “meeting young people” in schools, youth centers, and peer networks.

The Teen Advocates at Planned Parenthood NYC post on Facebook: “Come to Planned Parenthood now to receive FREE condoms!!!” Austin Powers and Teen Night promise over “1 MILLION” collectively.


And since message-makers must “push the boundaries of the current debate” and “not censor messages unnecessarily,” IPPF praises the Guardian’s “Vagina Dispatches,” wherein a woman dons a costume of her reproductive anatomy to “fight” for abortion with “knowledge.”

“Some parents don’t know some of this stuff” that she teaches.

She and others are fighting to “chang[e] sex ed” in the U.S. because the shame-inducing “negative message” of abstinence is “not reversible.”

To awaken young Gnostics to their “right” to “pleasure” and abortion, IPPF’s comprehensive sex education (CSE) “reclaim[s]” the “positive language” from “the commercial sex industry.” Hence “50 Shades of Safe” for teens. Hence the explicit “sexualizing” of young children. Hence publications on helping young people with disabilities have sex with “teaching tools” like dolls.

Hence Teen Vogue’s eulogies to Planned Parenthood for “nonjudgmental[ly]” saving girls—girls who just need herpes tests and education on “protect[ion]” as they’re trying to “figure out what this sex thing is all about” and having a “complete panic attack while doing it”; girls who need to “hide” STD testing from parents after learning, via text messages in class, that they may have Chlamydia; fourteen-year-old girls who need secret “goody bag[s]” of contraceptives and, later, abortions.

Amanda Marcotte, in Raw Story, mocked pro-lifers as “virgin[al],” saying the “sexually mature” are “okay” with how “gross” abortion is.

(Meanwhile, the Vatican’s own sex ed program is under fire for “clearly pornographic” images, sexually explicit movies, discussion stories about “get[ting] laid,” silence on mortal sins, and an evasion of parents that’s “frighteningly similar to Planned Parenthood’s method” of sex ed.)

Ultimately, IPPF warns that some contexts may require “public health-based messaging” on “unsafe abortion.” So The Guardian’s post-election section on “DIY abortion in America” laments traveling to Mexico for abortion pills since some can’t “even afford an abortion.”

It graphically imagines a legally charged woman’s reported coat hanger abortion at 5 ½ months: “…you don’t have anesthesia, but you do it anyway. You start to bleed, badly. After you go to the hospital for help, you don’t get sympathy—you get arrested.”

It omits that the woman’s baby will, as others report, “remain on oxygen and take medication daily because of problems with his eyes, lungs and heart stemming from damage caused by the coat hanger.”

IPPF also boasts that it advocated for the pro-contraception, pro-abortion Sustainable Development Goals endorsed by the Paris Agreement on climate change.

It’s plotting to spread “family planning” as a funded “climate change adaptation strategy”—especially in developing countries with “unfortunate realities.”

Pope Francis, who has not answered the dubia questions on the “grave disorientation” from Amoris Laetitia, recently denounced “the ‘distraction’ or delay in implementing” these “global agreements on the environment.” He is “gratified” by goals that include “universal access” to “contraception, including abortifacient methods, and, often, other forms of abortion.”

Meanwhile, a viral Rooster article registers good news for the pro-abortion population control Gnostics who enlighten the Vatican and children on climate change, articulating why many “copulating” Millennials are too repulsed to reproduce.

Children are “little poop machines,” “human money suck[s]” raised “from a larval stage,” and “hybrid[s]” selfishly bred despite “overcrowding” and “depleted resources.”

It’s “parasitic” and “gross” to be their maternal “food source.”

Some Millennials are “grossed out” by just looking at a pregnant mother.

Unlike “idiotic,” “mindless repopulators,” enlightened, ethical Gnostic Millennials “live with cleaner carbon footprints.”

They’re utterly serious about Pope Francis’s warning that “we are at the limits of suicide” because of sinful climate change.

They’re surely inspired that bishops and cardinals who fought against voting guidelines prioritizing unborn babies over the “chillingly” victimized planet also offer “the end of Catholic marriage” by okaying extramarital sex. We need “conversion” if we have any “questions.”

Given suggestions in the Church “that extramarital sex could be a moral duty,” given Pope Francis’s call for “discernment” instead of “rigidity,” given the eight ways Amoris Laetitia can be “misused” to subvert Church teachings and do “grave harm” to “many souls,” especially the young, Millennials disgusted by babies are pretty sure they’re covered for contraception to fight planetary suicide.

¤  ¤  ¤  ¤

In 2011 IPPF groaned over the Church’s “rigid[ity]” and “challenging,” “significant” opposition to its agenda.

In 2012 it cried against the Church: “There is a need for pragmatism [about sex], to address life as it is and not as it might be in an ideal world.”

In 2013 it vowed to eradicate “religious … barriers” to “compulsory” comprehensive sex ed and universal access to contraception and abortion for the young.

Today a Church no longer “obsessed” with the “aliens” and arms and “disgusting” babies and wounded souls strewn across a Gnostic hell, a Church that empowers pro-abortionists while the cardinals defending moral truths face “slander campaigns” and “insults” and “threats,” is smashing religious barriers itself.


  • Julia Meloni

    Julia Meloni writes from the Pacific Northwest. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Yale and a master’s degree in English from Harvard.

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