Never Go to the Second Location

Our Elites will likely follow their playbook of "ask, then demand" compliance for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

A maxim of self-defense, especially for women, is to never allow an attacker to take you to a second location. It’s better to go down fighting on the street, in the parking lot, at the door, than to be transported to a second location where the attacker can take his time doing whatever psychotic things he fancies. The police statistics are dismal for second-location crimes—around 85 percent fatal. 

Abductors may promise they’ll let you go if you cooperate nicely; just get in the van and you won’t get hurt. Never believe that. You must fight for your life at the first location because the second location is always going to be worse, and likely fatal. 

That’s where we are in America. Our so-called leaders promise everything will be okay if we just cooperate nicely. It’s all daisies and cupcakes…up to a point. If you watch closely, you’ll notice a pattern. 

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Remember when the so-called vaccines were rolled out, and you could take selfies to post on social media alongside videos of nurses doing choreographed dance routines, and wear a cheery sticker boasting your compliance, and get paid with merchandise and gift certificates and fast food? And it was all free, free, free?

But after the low-hanging fruit had been picked, it got serious. As New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on MSNBC in July 2021, “Come on now. We tried voluntary. We could not have been more kind and compassionate. Free testing everywhere you turn, incentives, friendly warm embrace…(but) the voluntary phase is over.”

It turns out that there was a 70 percent quota of vaccination for the U.S. (It’s worth asking who set that quota and how they made Biden so frantic to reach it.) When the quota stalled well below 70 percent, the gloves came off. That’s when Biden made his Mean Uncle speech: “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin,” he blustered.

You see how the process goes. Something unsavory is planned, so the colluding media has to tart it up as something alluring. Most people will take the laced lollipop with no questions asked. That’s the first location. But if enough people refuse to board the Good Ship, the aggressors stop pretending. Now it’s time to use force.

For the shot, the first location was all the freebies and warm fuzzies. The second location was mandates, restrictions on travel, cardiac damage, blood clots, skyrocketing rates of cancer, and sudden, unexpected death. Fatality rates are predictably high at the second location.

The time to have defeated the thing was before we got in the van. In that initial, warm, friendly period, the government was “giving” the shots to anyone who would take them. Many people clambered up trustingly, enough that by the time the mandates were rolled out, those holding out were effectively isolated, their voices squelched. But now we’re on to the pattern. Once burnt, lesson learnt. Next time, we’ll come out fighting at the first location.

The next creepy van coming toward us is the Central Bank Digital Currency. Biden signed Executive Order #14067 in March 2022, authorizing the study of a CBDC. Eighteen out of the G20 most-highly developed nations of the world now have a CBDC in the advanced planning stage, or already operational. 

The Federal Reserve says FedNow is not a CBDC, definitely not. Issuing a CBDC is “something we would certainly need Congressional approval for,” Fed chairman Jerome Powell told the House Financial Services Committee earlier this year. 

That’s a little too close to pharma companies saying that of course they’ll seek approval for their shots…just as soon as they officially change the definition of a “vaccine” and make sure low-profit drugs like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine don’t interfere with their Emergency Use Authorization. 

FedNow, the CBDC that’s not a CBDC, will make payments instantly, like Venmo, only it will be administered by the Federal government. If it’s like Venmo, which seems to be operating just fine, why does the government need to get in the middle of it? That’s a question worth asking. FedNow will make payments instantly, like Venmo, only it will be administered by the Federal government. If it’s like Venmo, which seems to be operating just fine, why does the government need to get in the middle of it?Tweet This

It’s lollipops all over again. FedNow will be ever so convenient. What’s not to love about “instant” and “24/7” and “free”? Wouldn’t it be easier to never have to handle dirty old cash again? There are already reward payments from VISA to restaurants that go cashless, on the way to making all transactions digital.

How about those who think the government may not have our best interests at heart, who recognize that things like our health, our fertility, and our children are being used to drive us to a place we don’t want to go? With a centrally-controlled digital currency, it will be easy to literally cancel such people. How long can anyone survive after the government blocks their access to their own money? If our financial system is allowed to go all-digital, we’ll have to trade independent thought and speech for food. 

When FedNow launches in July, it will be voluntary. Financial institutions are free to opt in and, presumably, free to decline. For now, fees will be waived (lollipop). It will all be so gradual that it looks quite harmless. The voluntary opt-in will go along fine for a time, until those with vested interests realize that there are too many holdouts. 

Then their patience will wear thin. Then the voluntary phase will be over. We can expect mandates, or other coercive measures. Maybe cash will slowly be taken out of circulation, as is occurring in Australia. We can look forward to digital ID, external control of bank accounts, surveillance of purchases, restriction of travel, and anything else the government judges to be effective in silencing the troublesome. It’s a good guess that Catholics who insist on the tenets of the Faith will have their funds managed away from them. 

Now is the time to stand and fight. The easiest way is to use cash now, for everything. Vendors whose sales are 60 percent or 80 percent or 100 percent cash are not going to want to go cashless, despite the incentives dangled before them. Using cash is so simple. You don’t have to write letters or drive to your state capitols with signs and banners. Just use cash. For everything. 

The truth is, once you get used to it, using cash is much more satisfying. You see a teller face-to-face, cash transactions favor businesses because credit fees don’t deplete their sales, and you are more apt to stick to your budget with cash.

If the trouble of going to the bank once a week to get cash is too inconvenient, then our loss of freedom will be our own fault. Now is the time to resist, before the system rolls out and gains momentum. It is encouraging to see that several states have introduced bills that will limit or prohibit transactions in CBDC under their state Uniform Commercial Codes. Bravo! They’re not waiting until the van has pulled out into traffic; they’re resisting at the first location.

A critical mass must resist without quarter and send the van away empty.


  • Sheryl Collmer

    Sheryl Collmer is an independent consultant for several non-profit organizations. She holds a Master’s in Theological Studies from the University of Dallas, as well as an MBA. From her home in the diocese of Tyler, Texas, she studies homesteading, history, and the currents in the Church.

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