Paul Krugman: Save the filibuster! Ban the filibuster!


December 22, 2009

The New York Times‘ house economist Paul Krugman is no fan of the filibuster… at least, when it’s used against the kinds of intrusive, big government legislation he promotes. In March 2005, he warned America that “extremists” were trying to eliminate the filibuster to push through their partisan (and pro-life) judges. But now that Obama is president and a massive new government program is in the mix, things have changed!

Back in the mid-1990s two senators — Tom Harkin and, believe it or not, Joe Lieberman — introduced a bill to reform Senate procedures. (Management wants me to make it clear that in my last column I wasn’t endorsing inappropriate threats against Mr. Lieberman.) Sixty votes would still be needed to end a filibuster at the beginning of debate, but if that vote failed, another vote could be held a couple of days later requiring only 57 senators, then another, and eventually a simple majority could end debate. Mr. Harkin says that he’s considering reintroducing that proposal, and he should. [Emphasis mine]

Hat tip to Allahpundit for the find

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The newspaper roll-up continues this morning, at least in a small way: The Washington Times — the Washington Post‘s conservative local competition — has just announced that it will publish its final Sunday paper this weekend.

The newspaper made the announcement Monday, saying it will produce Monday through Friday editions that focus on its “distinctive news and opinion content.”

The new print edition will be sold for $1 at retail outlets and newspaper boxes in the Washington area. The current weekday edition is 50 cents and Sunday’s paper costs $1.

And so the deck chairs get rearranged. Newspapers aren’t failing because they aren’t finding the right mix of stories — people have simply grown out of the medium. Merely reshuffling the content isn’t going to help.



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