Revolt of the One Percent

Remember the “Occupy Wall Street” movement? Theirs was a protest against “the One Percent.” However, the One Percenters begged to differ. They have responded with a revolution of their own, a revolution from above, the one currently under way in the United States.

The objective of the revolution is to ensconce and enhance the power of the One Percent. Why? So that they could never be threatened, they hope. Viewed in this light, the revolutionary fury evident in America’s cities manifests that desire. Tactically, the best defense is offense. Since the One Percent were called out as the source of all evil in the United States, they responded with a revolution of their own.

Who are the One Percent? They are America’s rulers. They are the billionaires, Big Tech (or, really, Big Anything), Wall Street bankers, Madison Avenue, “greedy capitalists,” and so forth. Angelo Codevilla calls them our oligarchy. They exercise their will through a net of foundations and NGOs.

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It is customary to excoriate George Soros for the havoc he wreaks in the world, including the U.S. For example, it is he who threw the life line to Black Lives Matter first. This was not a gift to the African American community but, rather, to self-appointed leaders, who are also self-proclaimed “trained Marxists” out to destroy everything in a fiery revolution, including the nuclear family. Such a philanthropic eccentricity has now become ubiquitous. Lately, eighteen powerful blue chip companies, such as Amazon, Gatorade, Microsoft, Airbnb, Cisco, Tinder, and Nabisco, have thrown millions of dollars at BLM. Of course, the giant enterprises hope to—if not control—then at least encourage and propitiate the revolution. Strategic donations to various groups, the more radical the better, keep the revolutionary flame going and fuel the fury of destruction in our cities.

Historically, enabling a revolution is not a new or unusual phenomenon. A rather large chunk of the liberal elite—including the richest and most privileged and not only intellectuals—served as the engine of revolution in its early stages these past two centuries and more. For instance, this concerns the cadet branch of the ruling Bourbons, the House of Orléans, who, before 1789, marched in the forefront of the revolution. In Russia, before 1917, a large portion of the aristocracy supported the entrepreneurs and financiers connected to the liberal Constitutional Democratic party.

They all felt giddy about the revolution. They wanted the overthrow of the Ancien Régime to enhance and ensconce their power. The French and Russian elites both naïvely believed that they were perfectly capable of controlling the frenzy and ferocity of anarchy and the Marxist revolutionary demon. In the United States, the liberal oligarchs likewise delude themselves that they have Antifa, BLM, and other red squads under their heel. It is a dangerous delusion indeed.

What do the oligarchs have in common with run-of-the-mill hard-core grassroots revolutionaries, Marxists, anarchists, and other assorted reds? In the first place, they all tend to subscribe to cultural revolution, in particular the sexual revolution. Its most important symbol is freedom below the belt.

From abortion on demand through pedophilia to all sorts of alternative lifestyles, the One Percenters and the anarcho-socialists have not met a pathology they do not like. Anything that undermines traditional society is fabulous for them. The more that is destroyed of our culture, the better for the future of revolutionary construction. The tabula rasa yields to a red dawn in a paradise on earth, which then invariably turns into the killing fields. But that’s not in your handy cliff notes on Marx, Bakunin, Alinsky, and other comrades.

In the second place, the billionaires and the grassroot revolutionaries hate capitalism. It may appear paradoxical; the One Percent usually made their money or inherited it thanks to capitalism. However, whether because of fashionable guilt or radicalism chic, many an heir to a stupendous fortune has disavowed the system and the ancestors that made them wealthy. On the other hand, at least some of the nouveaux riches suffer from the so-called “sudden wealth syndrome,” which makes them similar to those with old money guilt.

Most of the One Percent are in bed with Big Government. Therefore, they no longer need to strain themselves to maintain their domination. They do not have to compete. They lobby to thwart competition through laws and regulations as well as through credit denial. Their monopolistic grip is ironclad. Any start-up not to their liking will be either starved into oblivion or absorbed by the Borg through acquisition.

They also exercise control through censorship, speech codes, and political correctness. Try to publish anything they disagree with on Facebook; you will be blocked. Try to send a link they dislike on Twitter; they will ban you. Try to create a hub that threatens their interest; they will deplatform you.

So, why a revolution? As mentioned, it is necessary to ensconce and enhance the power of the One Percent. This must be done because the various other methods of control have failed to bring about permanent security for the oligarchy. The American people cannot be trusted.

First of all, the oligarchs are vastly different than the people they rule over. Their value system is 180 percent opposite to that of an average American. Their ideas on social and cultural issues, including the role of the state in the life of the nation, the family, religion, or patriotism, tend to be the polar opposite to what we consider to be Beautiful, Good, and True. Simply put, the One Percenters neither identify with nor like the values that most Americans hold.

Since the oligarchs have so far failed to train Americans appropriately and to correct their reactionary beliefs, they must be subjected to a revolution from above. Those who stage-manage the revolution—and at this point it is still possible to do so—are furious that people still dare to have their own ideas and oppose the social engineering leading to a brave, new world. Further, people, despite decades of indoctrination, do not always vote the way they should. After all, horror of horrors, they elected populist Donald Trump as president, which was a great shock to the forces of progress.

This must stop. For the oligarchs, the best way to thwart the stubborn, reactionary reprobates is to unleash a race revolution upon the United States. This is why the hard core of the cadres of Antifa, BLM, and others can afford to travel around the nation, coordinating local demonstrations and riots. Plane and train tickets, cars, fuel, and hotels cost money. One must also eat and pay the bills. Who pays for all this? Who bails them out of jail? After all, the revolutionaries are too busy with the revolution to make a living. They are either trust fund kids or they have sugar daddies who manage the revolution from above.

Meanwhile, American cities are burning. The mob vandalizes cars, overthrows monuments, destroys stores, and beats people up, sometimes even killing the innocent. Some of them are simply local scum. But some of the destroyers are revolutionaries who raise funds for their activities through robberies, for instance, in New York. They not only enjoy financial backing from the One Percent, but they also benefit from the ubiquitous claqueurs and enthusiastic cheerleaders in the corporate media.

Let us repeat: the so-called mainstream liberal media tends uniformly to support the revolutionaries. It constantly spews the poison that America is allegedly evil, racist, and accursed. It is rotten through and through because of its “homophobia” and “white privilege.” Therefore the rioters are justified. This is the standard narrative. If it sounds like an echo chamber of the beliefs of the One Percent, that is because it is.

What do we do? The first step is to understand the menacing phenomena before our eyes. The second is to counteract them. The least you can do is vote. Do the right thing.

[Photo credit: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP via Getty Images]


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