Sunday Comics: Manga Bible Stories

My kids really love the full-color Manga Messiah series.  There’s the original book; about the life of Jesus; Manga Metamorphosis (about Acts of the Apostles); Manga Mutiny (about Genesis and Exodus); and Manga Melech (from Joshua to King David).  They’re all on for about $10 each.  My kids read and re-read these to the point where they’re “loved to death,” as it were.

Here are some page samples from around the Internet, though I wasn’t able to put together a complete story:

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It portrays the all-important moments of the Annunciation and the Institiution of the Eucharist in reasonable ways; we talked with the kids about anything the comics might have written from a slightly Protestant perspective.  I’ve read them and find them entertaining enough, but they really are more for the kids.  That said, I recommend these comics without reservation.

Here’s a way to find them all, along with some other Christian manga that I haven’t read and can’t comment upon.  Happy reading!


  • Eric Pavlat

    Eric Pavlat is a convert from Unitarian Universalism who entered the Church in 1996. He lives in Maryland with his wife and six children. He is also a perpetually professed Lay Dominican in St. Pius V Pro-Chapter, located in Catonsville, MD. He founded Democrats for Life of Maryland, Inc., in 2004, served one term as president, and stayed on the board of directors until 2010. He now considers himself more a Distributist than anything else. Eric teaches 10th grade honors and special education students in English literature, composition, and grammar at his alma mater, Parkdale High School.

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