The Death Cult of Eco-Feminism

The rise of eco-feminism has coincided with the destruction of the family and the emasculation of men (which go together). Why is this the case? What is the spirit behind the death cult of eco-feminism?

Eco-feminism is the heart of the new environmentalism. Everywhere one looks it is women—often single, unmarried, or divorced—who lead the siren calls for the new environmentalism and the “Green New Deal.” These same women also vocally support abortion and transgenderism no matter the cost. They equally despise the spiritual institution of the family and all language of God the Father. 

The rise of eco-feminism has coincided with the destruction of the family and the emasculation of men (which go together). Why is this the case? What is the spirit behind the death cult of eco-feminism?

In Satanic Feminism, historian Per Faxneld examines an often-unstudied fact about leading first-wave feminists from the 19th century: their writings and diaries are filled with references and allusions to Satan and Lucifer as a heroic figure fighting for female liberation; Eve’s choice to eat from the Tree is also praised as the catalyst for female freedom. 

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Faxneld is no orthodox Christian. He draws on the genderist theories of Michel Foucault and Julia Kristeva extensively, along with the power theories of Marx, Gramsci, and Foucault. In doing so, however, he reveals how the first-wave feminists often offered blasphemous readings of Genesis 3. 

Faxneld goes on to write, “Nineteenth-century feminists often felt they somehow had to deal with male chauvinists’ use of the story in Genesis 3.” To achieve this, the feminists presented “Eve [as] a heroine and the serpent benevolent.” The intent of the feminist movement was never equal rights, the right to vote, or economic opportunity but the outright destruction of the family with the husband, the father, as the primary target of destruction. 

In the German Ideology, Marx explained the origins of inequality not from economic competition, as generally assumed, but from the sexual division of labor and male headship of the family. Marx famously declares, “there develops the division of labor, which was originally nothing but the division of labor in the sexual act, then that division of labor which develops spontaneously or ‘naturally’ by virtue of natural predisposition.” The family, according to Marx, is the root of inequality and oppression. 

Marx continues by saying, “With the division of labor, in which all these contradictions are implicit, and which in its turn is based on the natural division of labor in the family and the separation of society into individual families opposed to one another, is given simultaneously the distribution, and indeed the unequal distribution…the first form, of which lies in the family, where wife and children are the slaves of the husband. This latent slavery in the family, though still very crude, is the first property, but even at this early stage it corresponds perfectly to the definition of modern economists who call it the power of disposing of the labor-power of others.”

It follows that if the family is the root of inequality and oppression then it must be eradicated for equality and liberation to emerge.

Those who follow Marx must necessarily reach the same conclusion as 19th century feminists who worshiped Satan as a liberator of women: that the destruction of the family, the emasculation of men, and the androgenization of sexuality must all occur if “equality” and the empowerment of women is to be consummated. Such empowerment arises only through power struggle and the destruction of the other.

The demonization of men is what follows from the Marxist-Feminist mind. Men have not only subjugated women throughout history; men have also pillaged Mother Earth. How often is that language of the masculine lust to dominate used by the eco-feminist militants?

As society loses the reality of the family, the first seed of the spiritual life, the reinvention of spirituality follows. Satan, as we know, always wanted to destroy God’s filial plan of holiness and salvation. That is still his desire today. Thus we see the new commandment of eco-feminism as upholding abortion, the defining pillar of filial destruction.

Abortion is the lynchpin of the eco-feminist theology because abortion is the surest way of destroying the family and ensuring its complete dissolution. All of this is promoted in the name of liberation, freedom, and saving Mother Earth.

God the Father is completely unrelatable to the eco-feminists who believe all the evils of the world are the product of the family. Family is unrelatable to the eco-feminists who believe that family is the first instantiation of inequality “where wife and children are the slaves of the husband.” Life itself is unrelatable to the eco-feminists; for them, the family, the very cell from which life emerges, only leads to the maintenance of oppressive power relations and the pillage of Mother Earth. 

The eco-feminist ideology masquerading as a new salvific theology that permeates the former lands of Christendom is the result of the dissolution of the sacred institution of marriage, the emasculation of men, and the replacement of God the Father with a victimized “Mother” who has been transgressed by the violence of male domination and oppression which forever perpetuates men as agents of evil. 

How is the eco-feminist movement to be defeated? The antidote to eco-feminism is not lower taxes, more women in the work force, or a generous welfare state. The antidote to eco-feminism is the end of abortion and the reconstitution of the family as the “original cell” of society and human life. Moreover, no Christian revival will occur without the reconstitution of the family’s central role in society and salvation. 

There can be no accommodation with satanic eco-feminism and its blasphemous death cult. Christians, most especially, should know the difference between faithful stewardship and counterfeit salvific ideologies.


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