The Threat of Woke Supremacy

Supremacist movements are evil. This statement is obvious to our modern Western minds when we are speaking of racial supremacy, but ideological supremacy is just as bad, if not worse.

To be clear, when I write of ideological supremacists, I do not mean that believing in the supremacy of certain ideologies is evil. That would be nonsensical. It is certainly fair for a person to believe that the ideology he or she follows is superior to a different ideology. Otherwise, why follow that ideology? For example, as a Catholic I believe that the Catholic faith is superior to all other faiths. If I did not, I wouldn’t be Catholic. It only becomes a problem if I believe that I am personally superior to other people who do not share the ideology I hold. As a Christian, I realize that I am not personally superior to anyone, including non-believers. In fact, I know that I am a wretch who was only saved by the amazing grace of Christ. Thus, instead of looking down on those of different faiths, I should pray for their souls and live a life of Christian witness that will help lead non-believers to the truth of Christ.

Therefore, when I write of ideological supremacy, I am referring to the idea that the people who follow a certain ideology are personally superior to those who do not follow it, simply because they believe the “right” ideology. To state it simply: I am superior to you because I am right and you are wrong.

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Such supremacist thinking has been responsible for the persecution, imprisonment, and even murder of millions upon millions of people throughout history, including tens of millions in the twentieth century alone. And I will sadly confess that Catholics, and Christians in general, have historically taken part in supremacist persecutions and even murder. But that does not excuse the current ideological supremacists from liability for their intolerant and abusive actions. After all, Satan cannot cast out Satan.

In America today, the primary supremacist danger does not come from Christian Supremacists, or Jewish Supremacists, or Muslim Supremacists, or even White Supremacists, or Black Supremacists, but from Woke Supremacists. To be sure, “woke” can be a slippery term to define. defines it as “having or marked by an active awareness of systemic injustices and prejudices, especially those related to civil and human rights.” Urban Dictionary defines it as “the act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue.” For the purposes of this article, I will define “woke” as promoting an ever-changing set of subjective virtues that are popular with the elite class (but not wholly embraced by the mainstream of society) in order to demonstrate how awesome one is. Thus, to state that women should be able to vote is not woke as the vast majority of 2021 America agrees with that statement. However, to state that there is no such thing as women because gender is simply a social construct is very woke.

There are several problems with wokeness. Most importantly, it is sinful. To be truly woke is to be self-righteous. Just as the Pharisee in our Lord’s parable self-righteously thanked God that he was not a sinner like the tax collector, the woke believe themselves to be better than others and hold the less-woke in contempt.   

Furthermore, to be woke one must virtue signal. It is not enough to hold woke beliefs, but to truly be woke a person must let everyone else know that he or she holds woke beliefs. Our Lord cautioned us against virtue signaling when He warned us not to be like the scribes and Pharisees who perform works to be seen by man, who love to be seen praying in the streets, and who give money to the poor with fanfare so that they might receive the glory that comes from man instead of God.  

To truly be woke is to be unforgiving. God tells us to forgive those who have sinned against us, but the woke never forgive. They will destroy a teenager for a tweet he or she tweeted years earlier or get a person fired for an off-color joke. When a person offends the woke mob, that person is to be treated as a social leper, no matter how much they grovel, and he or she is expected to languish in misery forever.  

But perhaps the most troubling aspect of being woke is that to be woke one must embrace untruths. The woke live in a fantasy world where there is no objective truth. Like Pilate, they believe they can define their own truth. For example, the woke pretend that there are 60-plus genders instead of the two created by God. The woke even embrace dangerous lies, such as accusing the police of being murdering racists who routinely kill large numbers of unarmed black men. These intentional misrepresentations of police have led to an increase in murder, violence, and the destruction of billions of dollars in property, especially in black communities, as I demonstrated in my blog post I Can No Longer Keep Silent

But the Woke Supremacists don’t stop there because being a supremacist necessitates the subjugating of those who are different. It means destroying those who are not woke enough. As I wrote for Crisis in an article about the “cancelled” Gina Carano, there are numerous examples of this, from woke boycotts of companies such as Chick-fil-A to cancelling people who do not toe the woke political line. The Woke Supremacists cannot stand for anyone to disagree with their woke opinions and demand that anyone that does must starve.

It is scary enough that Americans are being targeted by the media, corporations, and the woke mob due to their non-woke opinions, but now a new and more terrifying threat is beginning to emerge—Woke Supremacists in the government.

As John Nolte reported at Breitbart in his article The Narcissistic Cult of Woke has Taken Over the CIA, the agency’s recent recruiting video signals that the CIA is actively seeking to hire wokesters. The video focuses on a CIA officer who speaks exclusively about her own greatness, telling us that “I am tired of feeling like I’m supposed to apologize for the space I occupy rather than intoxicate people with my effort, my brilliance. I am proud of me. Full stop.” She informs us that “I am a woman of color. I am a mom. I am a cis-gender Millennial who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I am intersectional.” She refuses to “internalize misguided patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be.” And after checking all of the right woke boxes, she proclaims that “my existence is not a box-checking exercise.” But clearly, for the CIA at least, it is.

I will give this officer the benefit of the doubt. I will not assume, as Mr. Nolte does, that she is a narcissist. I’ll presume someone else wrote the narration for the video and will place the blame not on her but on the CIA, because it is clear that the CIA is using her for her woke identity. An identity that Mr. Nolte points out did not once include the term “American.”  

This video was clearly meant to recruit the woke. I would guess that most Americans do not even know what the terms “cis-gender” and “intersectional” mean. I confess, I had to look them up myself. But there is one group that definitely knows what those terms mean—the woke. With this video, the CIA is not simply demonstrating that it hires women of color; I have no objection whatsoever to that. Like Mr. Nolte, I don’t care who the CIA hires as long as the person is a patriotic American who can competently perform his or her job. But when the focus is not on patriotism or proficiency in the job but on being woke, as this recruiting video clearly is, then I see a danger.

I do not know this CIA officer and cannot say for sure whether she is a Woke Supremacist or not. As I stated before, I will give her the benefit of the doubt. But clearly the CIA is targeting Woke Supremacists for recruitment. The takeover of our intelligence agencies by Woke Supremacists should terrify all Americans. A woke corporate America has deplatformed, fired, smeared, cancelled, and basically ruined the lives of numerous Americans simply because their views were not woke enough. Now imagine those same Woke Supremacists who run corporate America running the CIA, NSA, and FBI. How long will it be before those espousing the teachings of the Church find themselves spied upon, on the No-Fly List, or banned from government jobs? How long will it be before we are imprisoned, “re-educated,” or even executed?

The threat of Woke Supremacy is real, and it is getting more dangerous every day.       

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