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Since 1982, Crisis Magazine has been America's leading source for Catholic perspectives on religion, culture, and politics. Join editor-in-chief Eric Sammons and leading Catholics on "The Crisis Point."

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Recent Episodes

Chasing Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories have always been with us, but lately they are on the rise as many conspiracy theories have become conspiracy facts. How should Catholics approach these theories?

How to Woke-Proof Your Life (Guest: Teresa Mull)

Wokeness surrounds us, from government to Hollywood to corporations to social media, and it impacts us in negative ways big and small. What are practical ways we can escape its grasp in our own lives?

Catholics: Stop Imitating Protestants!

For the past sixty years, Catholics have been imitating Protestants in our liturgy, youth outreach, and other aspects of Catholic life. How has this impacted the Church, and is there a better way forward?

The Fatal Flaw of Sola Scriptura (Guest: Casey Chalk)

"Sola Scriptura" (Scripture Alone) is the foundational doctrine of Protestantism. But the doctrine itself is based on certain false presuppositions, which makes the whole doctrinal house of cards fall apart.

Did Covid Break Gen X Religion?

A recent survey shows the Covid pandemic caused a dramatic decrease in religious belief and practice by Gen Xers. Why did this happen, and can Catholics do anything to reverse the trend?

Is It a Sin to Watch Oppenheimer?

The inclusion of a sex scene with nudity in the movie "Oppenheimer" recently generated huge controversy in the Catholic world. What are the moral implications of watching such scenes and supporting such movies?

Bishops: Are You Shepherds, Hirelings, or Thieves?

Catholic bishops are called to be shepherds of souls. But Our Lord warns against hirelings and thieves watching over the flock instead. What is your bishop—a shepherd, a hireling, or a thief?

Will the Synod Change Doctrine?

Church leaders are insisting the upcoming Synod on Synodality will not change doctrine. That may be true, but it could do something even worse.

Papal Appointments and the Eclipse of the Church

Recent papal appointments have revealed a clear agenda at the Vatican, and it's one that threatens to upend the Church. Eric Sammons & Timothy Flanders discuss what these appointments mean and how Catholics should respond.

Bishop Strickland: Cancelled Bishop?

The apostolic visitation of Bishop Joseph Strickland exposes the sham that is "synodality," as it seems the Vatican only wants certain voices to be heard.

Overcoming Today’s Woke Moralists (Guest: Karlo Broussard)

Years ago Pope Benedict warned against the "Dictatorship of Relativism," but it seems today the problem is with woke moralists who appear to be absolutists in their wokeism. But when we look deeper we'll see they are actually the dictatorial relativists Benedict warned us about.

The Rise of Catholic Cancel Culture

Cancel culture dominates our public discussions, and it's growing within Catholicism. What does it mean to "cancel" someone and is it the Christian thing to do?

The Death of Catholic Apologetics?

The art of apologetics—giving a reasoned defense of the faith—has always been part of Catholic evangelization. After hitting a lull in the 1970's and 1980's it revived in the 1990's and beyond. But it seems that today Catholic apologetics is becoming less effective. Why is that?

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