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The Reign of the Methuselahs

Why are so many men and women who clearly only have a few years left on this earth so obsessed with exercising power until their final moments?

The Gaze That Burns Twice

Why not use the time of Lent to help speed things along for those in purgatory who, while saved, are yet not fully ready to reach across the finish line where the final Epiphany awaits them?

God and Man’s Best Friend

I don’t think it is wrong to mourn for a beloved pet, as long as our affection for them helps us to live more simply and grow in love for God and neighbor.

The Irreplaceable Role of Fathers

The modern world has declared that children not only do not need a father or to be fathered but that a woman or multiple women can be a substitute for a father.

Renouncing the “High-Value Man”

It is true that we desperately need good men. Masculinity is a good and necessary gift from God. But we need masculine men, not “high-value men.”

Arm Wrestling the World for God

The solution to the Church’s distress lies right before us. Will spiritual leaders and laity choose to see it—or reject it because of the cost?

Against Adopting a Medieval-Peasant Mindset

I aver that the medieval peasant mindset, much like its Bronze Age predecessor, is one of the new crop of meme ideologies that have so aggressively multiplied in cyberspace over the past few years.

The False Christ of The Chosen

Just when we thought we had blessedly stamped out the cartoon, CCD “Jesus,” a newer, slicker incarnation of this caricature has seeped back into the Catholic Church in the form of “The Chosen”.

The Ashes of Valentine

Since Valentine’s Day lands on the same day as Ash Wednesday this year, it is an invitation to consider what these two days have in common.

Ashes to Go

The distribution of ashes in the context of the liturgy points to the deep union of liturgy with all sacramental life, including blessings.

The Good News About Fasting

This Lent, let us prepare in body, mind, and spirit and seek grudging acceptance of a holistically life-giving relationship with the virtue of fasting.

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