Danielle Bean

Unveiling the new InsideCatholic

Last month, we mentioned that some exciting changes would soon be coming to InsideCatholic. Today over on the home page, you can finally get a glimpse of what some of those changes will be. In addition to an expanded mission that will offer greater coverage of how our faith affects every arena of our world … Read more

Friday Free-for-All: September 24

Time for a few links to get the day rolling:  Teresa Lewis was the first woman put to death in Virginia in almost 100 years today. At the National Catholic Register, Danielle Bean says her case doesn’t fit the Catechism’s guidelines of when the death penalty is acceptable. What do people think of the GOP’s … Read more

Not Nearly Enough

When I accepted a job as an activity director in a nursing home, I had grand ideas of what I would accomplish with the residents there. Fresh out of college, sporting my shiny new bachelor’s degree in sociology, I felt ready to change the world. Real nursing homes, I quickly found out though, are nothing … Read more

Danielle’s Helpful “Goose and Gander” Pieces

The Anchoress is gallivanting around Rome at the moment, but she did not leave us blog-less in her absence. Over at First Things, Danielle Bean, Sally Thomas, and our very own Simcha have been busy writing and posting and creating havoc in Elizabeth’s stead. Over the weekend, Danielle had a series of posts that really caught my … Read more

The Perils of Excessive Modesty

I found a fascinating piece by a protestant minister’s wife at Musings of a Young Mom (via Danielle Bean’s shared items).  She describes what happened when she and her young kids went to a playground and found an ultra-modestly-dressed Mennonite family there: A teenage girl followed a toddler around the park, both of them wearing … Read more

Glimpses of God

“Mama! Mama! Ma-maaaaa!” whined four-year-old Raphael as I changed his little brother’s diaper and quizzed his older sister on her spelling words.   “What?” I answered him hastily. “I’m listening.”   “No,” he pouted. “I want you to listen with your eyes.”   Oh. That.   Ever have a moment when you feel like someone … Read more

Be Not Afraid

Four years ago, I was in the hospital, laboring to deliver our seventh child. My husband paced the floors, and a television tuned to Fox News blared from a corner of the room.   Terri Schiavo was dying. And the world was watching.   I watched, too. Between contractions, waves of nausea, and breathing exercises, … Read more

How’s Your Lent Going?

  "How’s your Lent going?" my husband asked me the other day.   I raised an eyebrow. He burst out laughing.   "Isn’t that what Catholics are supposed to say to each other this time of year?" he asked innocently.   My convert husband has never quite gotten over his amusement with some of the things we … Read more

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