Eucharistic Revival

The Everlasting Revival

Movements of large-scale change and conversion cannot be manufactured; they must be caught and spread. Programs do not change people. People change other people. 

Still Concerned About the Eucharistic Revival: A Response to Tim Glemkowski

Dear Tim, Thanks so much for your response to my recent essay regarding Eucharistic Revival and the Eucharistic Congress. You were so openhanded in offering me the benefit of your erudition and experience that I’m moved to reciprocate. I’ve been a communicator as a teacher, preacher, author, and broadcaster for 33 years, and my experience will … Read more

An Irish Oasis of Adoration

Silverstream Priory, consisting of traditional Benedictines with a special charism of perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, helps point us to the importance of a Eucharistic Revival.

Seeds of Adoration

In our culture nearly all vestiges of adoration of any kind have been removed. So do we even know what we are doing when we say we are adoring?

A Eucharistic Revolt

One cannot help but come to the conclusion that Fr. Thomas Reese is not after a Eucharistic Revival. He is after a Eucharistic Revolt.

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