Counting Chickens, Hatched or Otherwise

The last few weeks of Election Season news almost always leave me feeling overwhelmed and unsure as to what we will see when Election Day comes to an end, and this season is no exception. On the one hand, I find myself inundated by articles about the GOP’s potentially unprecedented lead amongst likely voters and … Read more

After Reading NCR I Can’t Stop Laughing

Wow, is it the power of mythology or the power of demonization?  It’s hard to tell the difference, and perhaps there is no difference, perhaps demonization is the mythology that drives the Catholic Left. Why can’t I stop laughing?  Because I just read this in NCR (the Reporter, not the Register) in response to the … Read more

The Social/Fiscal Conservatism debate is back…

Michael Tanner, senior fellow at the Cato Institute and author of the excellent Leviathan on the Right: How Big-Government Conservatism Brought Down the Republican Revolution, has some advice for the GOP on the upcoming elections. Stop me if you’ve heard this before… Despite their repeated threats to stay home if Republicans deviated from a commitment … Read more

POLL: Democratic attempts to tie 2010 GOP to Bush aren’t working.

The Democrats don’t seem to have much of a strategy for winning the 2010 midterms, and the one approach they’ve been using isn’t working. The National Journal reports: Dems have tried repeatedly to tie the GOP to Bush’s economic policies, which remain highly unpopular. But so far, that hasn’t worked, according to officials at the … Read more

Chris Christie’s modest ambitions

I continue to be impressed with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. In a political age where every elected official covets the office above his, it’s nice to run across an exception. During a Fox Business Network interview yesterday, Christie — a rising star in the GOP — was asked if he had interest in the … Read more

Yesterday’s primaries: Out with the old, in with the new

The results of yesterday’s primary elections were almost all good news for the political challenger: Rand Paul, the tea party favorite, walked away with a 24-point lead over the GOP-backed Trey Grayson in Kentucky. Party-swapper Arlen Specter’s 30-year record wasn’t enough to save him this time — even with robo-calls from President Obama on his … Read more

James Dobson pulls Kentucky endorsement and throws support to Rand Paul

Last week, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson endorsed candidate Trey Grayson in his primary race against Rand Paul for Kentucky’s open U.S. Senate seat. Yesterday, Dobson shocked the Kentucky political establishment by pulling that endorsement, and switching his support to Paul. Dobson felt tricked by some in the Republican leadership, and let them … Read more

A Catholic Candidate Who Will Not Compromise

Over at the Catholic Advocate, I have posted my interview with Marco Rubio, who is on track to be the GOP candidate for the Florida Senate seat vacated by Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL). Here is an excerpt: For Rubio, his pro-life convictions are the “cornerstone” of everything else. “A society that does not respect the … Read more

Another Pyrrhic Victory for the Pro-Life Movement

  Well, the Massachusetts Miracle (or Massacre, depending on who’s talking) is history, and the Abortion-Care Behemoth (and quite possibly Obama’s presidency) is finished, by all reports. So now, as pro-life victory celebrations over the election of Rudy Giuliani with a Pretty Face wind down, I’d like to vent a bit.   Look at this … Read more

In Search of the Sinister and Elusive Neo-Catholic

  Over the past decade, the mysterious epithet “neo-Catholic” has been tossed around now and then. I first encountered it courtesy of Rev. Joseph O’Leary, the famed “Spirit of Vatican II” combox denizen who seems to have endless amounts of time to troll the net on behalf of gay causes and no time to, like, … Read more

The Stupid Party May Learn a Lesson in Upstate New York

A special election will be held on November 3 in upstate New York that may send a much-needed message to the GOP. New York Congressional District 23 was put up for grabs when nine-term Rep. John McHugh, a Republican, resigned to become Secretary of the Army. The eleven Republican chairs of the district nominated Dede … Read more

A University of Dallas Alumnus Sets His Sights on Congress

At age 37 and married only a month, Kevin Calvey volunteered for deployment in Iraq. When he returned to his wife, Toni, in Oklahoma City a year later — 2008 — he restarted his private law practice but was soon alarmed by the “dire situation” of our nation. It was then that Calvey decided to … Read more

Another Faithful Catholic Jumps into the Political Ring

As Republicans regroup in the days and months following the November election, some new faces have begun to emerge in the GOP. Among them is Rob Wasinger, a staffer for Sen. Sam Brownback for more than twelve years, the last four of them spent as Brownback’s chief of staff. A Catholic convert since his sophomore … Read more

A Warning to the GOP

  In an op-ed published after the election, former Governor of New Jersey Christine Todd Whitman wrote, “Unless the Republican Party ends its self-imposed captivity to social fundamentalists, it will spend a long time in the political wilderness.” And who are these “social fundamentalists?” In Whitman’s political lexicon, they are “the people who base their … Read more

Why I Will Vote for John McCain

My support this election for John McCain has been no secret, as regular readers know. But while I’ve offered my reasons here and there, I’ve never put them all together in a single piece. I try to do that now. Some of my case for McCain comes from agreeing with positions he holds, and some … Read more

Is a Split in the GOP Inevitable?

As I write this, Sen. John McCain is edging closer to Sen. Barack Obama in the national polls. Whether this will translate into enough votes to win battleground states like Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio is still a long shot. But whatever happens on November 4, a major shake-up in the GOP is a certainty. Dana … Read more

Obama’s Faltering Religious Outreach Revs Up

This week the Obama campaign attempts to restart its religious outreach with a month-long tour of its religious surrogates, titled “Barack Obama: Faith, Family, and Values.” The stars of the tour will be Catholic law professor Doug Kmiec, ex-Congressman Tim Roemer (also a Catholic), Methodist theologian Shaun Casey, and Evangelical author Donald Miller. Obama’s religious … Read more

McCain’s Opportunity, Obama’s Challenge

In May 2007, Benedict XVI flew to meet with the bishops of Mexico, Central America, and South America. While on the plane, the pope answered a question from a reporter about the Mexican bishops who were threatening to withhold the Eucharist from Catholic politicians who voted in favor of legalizing abortion. The Holy Father expressed … Read more

The Catholic Left Meets in Philadelphia

  The Convention for the Common Good was held in Philadelphia over the past weekend. When I wrote about the gathering in early April, Catholics Organize to Elect Obama, one of its co-sponsors wrote to me saying that I had mischaracterized their “non-partisan” effort to bring Catholics together to discuss public policy. Further, they told … Read more

The Case Against Barack Obama

For the past six months, I have commented regularly on Barack Obama’s outreach to Catholic voters. Looking over what I have written, I realized that taken together these articles serve as a one-stop reference for Catholics who want to know where Obama stands on the non-negotiable Catholic issues. Before I get to the problems with … Read more

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