Ignatius Loyola

Ignatius of Loyola: Lycurgus of the Jesuits

People who read the classical authors either love or hate Plutarch.  I love him—and am in good company, since Shakespeare loved him, too. People who love Plutarch either love or hate his fondness for parallels between the Greeks and Romans.  I love it.  The modern mind rebels in the face of such simplification, but I … Read more

A Pearl in the Desert: San Xavier del Bac

I arrive at the Mission, having driven past the casino and its glittering billboard, stucco and neon mixing garishly among the saguaro. I’ve come to take pictures of this beautiful but challenging monument, indulging my photographic interest in a place rich in Catholic tradition that I have somehow never heard of before coming to this … Read more

The Last-Minute Guide to Lent

If you’re anything like me, Ash Wednesday usually sneaks up on you, such that you’re scrambling to figure out what you’re “giving up” halfway through the first week of Lent — and then it’ll be something poorly thought out that doesn’t seem to do much along penitential lines. So for my fellow procrastinators, I’ve done … Read more

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