Robin Hood

Henry Gilbert’s Robin Hood

“‘Methinks this is no common man, this Robin Hood. Almost it seems that he doth right in spite of the laws, and that they be wrong indeed if they have forced him to flee to the greenwood and become outside the law.’” —Richard the Lionheart Of the many images that might come to mind when … Read more

Friday Free-for-All

A few links for your Friday morning:  News outlets are shocked — shocked! — that Pope Benedict doesn’t approve of gay marriage. Much like the recent Denver case, a boy in Massachussetts was denied re-enrollment in a Catholic school because of his parents’ homosexual relationship. Unlike the recent Denver case, the archdiocese has offered to … Read more

Down the Memory Hole

In my travels around cyberspace, I happened to run across the Web site of James Franklin, a professor of mathematics and statistics at the University of New South Wales. He has a fun page titled “Myths About the Middle Ages,” which explodes various mythoids — such as: The alleged fragments of the True Cross would … Read more

The Delusion of the Familiar

  My line of work as a writer and speaker on things Catholic has, thanks be to God, taken me to some wonderful places, both in the States and abroad. Last November, I was given the wonderful opportunity to visit England. Through the miracle of the Internet, I had gotten to know a delightful young … Read more

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