Star Trek

The physics of hell

The author of a new book on Galileo claims that the scientist’s greatest contribution to theoretical physics came about, ironically enough, from thinking about the dimensions of Dante’s hell: In 1588, when Galileo was a 24-year-old unknown, a medical school dropout, he was invited to deliver a couple of lectures on Dante’s “Divine Comedy.” Many … Read more

God and the Geeks

My first major spiritual crisis occurred when I was five years old. It was the early 1980s, and a local UHF station had started airing a new cartoon called Transformers during my family’s Mass time of choice. As long as we didn’t stop to talk to neighbors on our way home, I’d still be able … Read more

Friday Free-for-All: August 6

A few links to get the day started: Today is the 65th anniversary of the A-bomb drop on Hiroshima, and for the first time, America has sent an envoy to be part of the memorial services in Japan. Ambassador John Roos is attending to help advance the cause of nuclear disarmament: “For the sake of … Read more

The InsideCatholic Summer Reading List 2009

Summer is in full wilt, and that means it’s time for the InsideCatholic Summer Reading List. We’ve asked bloggers, staff, and writers to suggest a few titles they’ve recently enjoyed. They’ve obliged.   Have a look at the list — you’ll find something for every interest — and then add your own recommendations in the … Read more

Deliver Us from Eusebephobes

On Tuesday, Pope Benedict XVI will make his first papal visit to the United States. He’ll land at Andrews Air Force Base with much pomp, and spend his days being ushered around on important state and ecclesial business; an itinerary with a profile even higher than the Olympic torch’s (and security to match). His Holiness … Read more

The Stupid Prime Directive

As a long-time fan of Star Trek, I have to say that the Prime Directive is majorly stupid and incoherent. Now, I realize I risk alienating a large number of people simply by speaking seriously about Star Trek. So I will hasten to add that I’m not one of the “Get a life!” people who … Read more

A Firefly Named ‘Serenity’

There was a lot of buzz on the Internet recently about rumors of a possible sequel to the 2005 film Serenity. The news even made it to the Catholic world: I blogged on it, as did Mark Shea and even Fr. John Zuhlsdorf. That a mere rumor could kick up such a stir — the … Read more

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