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Why Jesse James, Mark Souder, Tiger Woods, et. al Cheat

We Catholics used to be known for the importance we attached to marriage. But in my 13 years as a professional journalist, I rarely read Catholics discuss in detail why marriages succeed or fail. We talk about gay marriage, cohabitation, divorce and adultery, and out-of-wedlock childbearing. But never do we discuss a greater threat to … Read more

Christianity Has Become Too Worldly

IC readers likely will agree with the above statement. But hey, the argument is gaining traction, or it is if Luke Timothy Johnson , Ross Douthat , and Rod Dreher are an indication. Over at my blog at True Slant, I argue that Christianity’s materialistic turn has had positive and negative effects: To be fair, … Read more

Friday Free-for-All

Time for some Friday morning linkage:  “Sarah Palin and the mutual loathing society“: George Will says that, whatever raw deal she may have been handed by the media, Sarah Palin’s brand of populism isn’t a winning political movement.  Over at True/Slant, Conor Friedersdorf rounds up his picks for the best journalism of 2009. The pieces … Read more

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