Virtual Abortion Comes to Montana

I currently live overseas, where our cable provider gets U.S. TV programs with some delay. Right now, they’re advertising the new “Candid Camera,” a takeoff on the old show in which people are observed in incongruous situations, their reactions recorded by means of a hidden camera. “Laugh, relax a bit,” is the advertising hook. One … Read more

VIDEO: March for Life

Here’s a video of the March for Life making its way around the blogosphere today. Lots of shiny, happy faces — especially young sisters and priests. The pro-life movement is young, and that makes the future a little brighter. [video: 635×355]

VIDEO: Happy Hanukkah 2010

There are two more days left of Hanukkah and in honor of that, here’s a modern twist on the story of the Maccabees. Happy Hanukkah to all of our Jewish readers! [video:! 635×355]   (Ht: Coffeemom)    

VIDEO: The Lost Children of Moldova

I don’t know much about Moldova, except that it’s sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine and is the poorest country in Europe. Massive economic migration is creating an entire generation of parentless children. Thousands of working-age adults have fled the country to find work, leaving their children with older relatives or in shelters. In some villages … Read more

VIDEO: The Story of Spending

I can’t believe this video has been out for a year, and I hadn’t seen it before yesterday. Some fiscally-sensible film makers at the Commonwealth Foundation created a heart-pumping (honestly) look at the history of federal spending in the 20th and 21st centuries. It’s the best overview of the issue I’ve seen anywhere.  Turn the … Read more

VIDEO: The Future of Publishing

I’m not sure this video — created by a British publishing company — will do much for the book industry, but it’s awfully clever just the same. Watch the entire two and a half minutes for the twist…    

VIDEO: A crash course in TV journalism

This is absolutely fantastic: BBC journalist and humorist Charlie Brooker pulls back the curtain on television journalism, revealing the pattern all network reporters follow in their own recorded segments. Have a look and you’ll never watch a news broadcast the same way again. (There is a small bit of profanity.)  

VIDEO: It isn’t Christmas without Darlene Love

Well, it looks like today’s Video Day. Margaret’s posting of that wonderful Sufjan Stevens rendition of “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” has inspired me. Every year on the Christmas episode of The Late Show, David Letterman invites the magnificent Darlene Love to close the show with a rocking performance of “Christmas (Baby, Please Come … Read more

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