20 Years of Crisis Magazine

In 1982, Ralph McInerny and Michael Novak founded Catholicism in Crisis. Originally published by the Brownson Institute, the magazine was first based at Notre Dame.

Two years later, the magazine was moved to Washington, D.C., and shortly after, the name was changed to Crisis. The office was modest—a mere 750 square feet—and the staff was small. Nevertheless, editors Novak, Dinesh D’Souza, and Scott Walter quickly made Crisis an important and influential journal of Catholic opinion.

In February 1995, Deal W. Hudson assumed the responsibilities of publisher and editor. At the same time, the Brownson Institute gave ownership of Crisis to the Morley Institute (now Morley Publishing Group), newly created by Hudson to support the magazine.

Two years later, Crisis expanded its office and staff. Since 1995, the staff has grown to include ten full-time employees, three part-time contractors, and several interns. The readership has risen to almost 26,000 paid subscribers. Indeed, Crisis is now the fastest-growing Catholic magazine in America.

To all our readers and friends, we offer our deepest thanks for the support you’ve shown Crisis over the past two decades. With your help, the magazine will continue to grow as American Catholics face new choices and challenges in the years to come.


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