Modern Heroes: Third Annual Wodehouse Awards Dinner

On Tuesday, January 6, 1998, CRISIS magazine co-sponsored, with the Wethersfield Institute, the Third Annual Wodehouse Awards Dinner at the Racquet Club in New York City.

The awards dinner takes its name from renowned author, P. G. Wodehouse, who passed away in 1975. The Jeeves Awards, named for the author’s best-known character, honor individuals who have done good deeds “behind the scenes” and contributed wisdom and humor to public life. The Third Annual Jeeves Awards were presented at the Wodehouse Dinner to two outstanding Catholics, Nina Shea and Lewis Lehrman.

Nina Shea is an attorney and the Director of the Center for Religious Freedom in Washington, D.C. Ms. Shea is the author of In the Lion’s Den, a book on current anti-Christian persecution worldwide. She has been working on religious freedom issues as a Christian rights activist for eleven years and on human rights issues for nineteen years. Ms. Shea has been a guest on more than 100 Christian talk radio shows and her work has received coverage in both the religious and secular media, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Boston Globe. Ms. Shea has served as a witness for Congress on religious persecution issues, and has organized and participated in fact-finding investigations throughout the world. Ms. Shea is a member of the Advisory Committee on Religious Freedom to the President and the Secretary of State.

A graduate of Smith College, Ms. Shea is married to Adam Meyerson, a vice president at the Heritage Foundation. They have three children.

Tewis Lehrman is a prominent businessman who established Ten Squared, an investment fund in Greenwich, Connecticut, of which he is the senior partner. He currently serves also as the Chairman of Lehrman Bell Mueller Cannon, Inc., a financial and economic fore-casting firm in Arlington, Virginia. After a career in the 1998 Jeeves Award Winner Lewis Lehrman with his son, Thomas, at the 1998 Wodehouse Awards Dinner at the Racquet Club in New York City.

United States Army, Mr. Lehrman served as president of Rite Aid Corporation for more than nine years until 1982. In January of 1982, Mr. Lehrman launched a campaign for governor of New York and was nominated by both the Conservative and Republican parties. Following a narrow loss to Mario Cuomo, President Reagan in August, 1983 asked Mr. Lehrman to become chairman of Citizens for America.

Mr. Lehrman, a convert to Catholicism, is a Trustee of the Inner-City Scholarship Fund of the Archdiocese of New York. He is also a Trustee of both The Boys Club of New York and the International Center for the Disabled Rehabilitation and Research Center.

Mr. Lehrman received his Bachelor of Arts from Yale and his Masters degree from Harvard University. Mr. Lehrman is married to Louise Stillman Lehrman of New York; they have five children.

CRISIS is proud to present the 1998 Jeeves Awards to these two commendable individuals.


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