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Eric Sammons is the editor-in-chief of Crisis Magazine.

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Following the Unfaithful

In an effort to be more “welcoming,” many Church leaders are looking to fallen-away Catholics to lead the way.

The Reign of the Methuselahs

Why are so many men and women who clearly only have a few years left on this earth so obsessed with exercising power until their final moments?

Breaking Down Fiducia Supplicans

The Vatican’s approval of blessings for same-sex couples and couples in “irregular situations” reflects a divorce between morality & pastoral practice, liturgy & life, and orthodoxy & orthopraxy.

An Urgent Note

Now more than ever, mankind needs to live in the might of God’s power. We need to put on the Lord’s armor to withstand the deceits of the devil.

The Hyperinflation of the Papacy

The role of the papacy in the minds of too many Catholics has morphed from being the center of Church unity to the source of Church teaching.

The Great Sifting

In the midst of mass apostasy all around us, we can see signs of growth in faithfulness and orthodoxy.

Lessons From the Peace Emperor

Blessed Karl should be a model for those who oppose war today. He was an honorable man, and it was this honorable nature that led him to prioritize peace over lesser interests.

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