Sean Fitzpatrick

Sean Fitzpatrick is a senior contributor to Crisis and serves on the faculty of Gregory the Great Academy, a Catholic boarding school for boys in Pennsylvania.

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The Anti-Ecumenism of Pope Francis

Fiducia Supplicans causes the Coptic Orthodox to suspend their ecumenical dialogue with Rome, citing the declaration’s change to the Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality.

The Imperiled Palestinian Christians

Though reports indicate an alarmingly indiscriminate approach by Israeli Defense Forces, a presenting pattern of Christian targets is suggestive that Christian sites are actually being targeted by Israeli forces.

Melkites Caught in the Middle

The regional and religious ties that Melkite Catholics have to the Middle East make the Israeli-Palestinian war even more difficult to process than it already is.

Are We Catholic Enough to Make Enemies?

St. John Bosco underwent assassination attempts because of his bold mission in Catholic education. Should Catholic schools expect to make similar enemies if they are truly teaching the Faith?

The Whole Point Is the Hidden Point

In response to the suggestion that political corruption and gerrymandering have made civic participation pointless, Catholics should remember that the greatest points are often hidden in pointlessness.

How Did This Happen?

A sacrilegious music video filmed in a Catholic church raises many questions of how such a thing could have happened in the first place.

Fighting Terrorism Like a Catholic Barbarian

An aggressive Catholic attitude should give no philosophical or societal quarter in the attack against reality and religion, even if giving no quarter draws looks, insults, or shock.

June 28 and the Original Gender Defender

As Pride Month 2023 blows itself out with its loud, frothy-mouthed proclamations that demand uncanny and unconditional validation, the voice of Irenaeus booms from the heavens like summer thunder, denying and denouncing their aberrations.

Trump vs. the Washington War Machine

The prosecution of Donald Trump is entirely, overtly, and embarrassingly political. And it’s mostly because he dares oppose the Washington War Machine.

Pride Month Goeth Before a Fall

The Rainbow Flag is a lie, plain and simple, and it shouldn’t be tolerated either on the conservative Christian side or the liberal secular side. It is pandering, it is patronizing, it is grooming.

Cardinal George Pell, Peace At Last

Besides being a champion for orthodox Catholicism in an age of liberalism, Cardinal Pell will be remembered primarily as the Prince of the Church who went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

A Wise Man Ends His Pilgrimage

Life and death are inseparable partners in the course of human salvation, and so it is fitting that we end the season celebrating the birth of Christ with the death of a holy man.

Christmas Eve is Holy Eve’s

One of the deepest and dearest secrets of the Christmas season is hidden in plain sight: Christmas Eve is the feast day of Holy Eve, the wife of Adam and the mother of all.

Can Ye Love Hitler?

Kanye West’s recent comments about Adolf Hitler is worth some attention from wary Catholics.

The Merciless Candidacy of John Fetterman

The Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat debate between Democratic candidate John Fetterman and Republican candidate Mehmet Oz was bizarre and sad, and revealed the merciless ambition of the Democratic Party.

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