Trump vs. the Washington War Machine

...war. Besides the ongoing Trump-derangement syndrome, there’s a new phenomenon of Trump-exhaustion syndrome making the rounds. We’ve heard it, even in these pages, that it’s time for Trump to exit...

It was inevitable. Donald Trump was finally arrested and booked on June 13, and then he was indicted on 37 felony counts under the Espionage Act of 1917—created for traitors and spies—for alleged illegal handling of classified documents. Trump is facing a trial and up to 400 years in prison.

It’s partly banana republic out there with a chance of fascism as Joe Biden launches this DOJ attack to jail his rival. The prosecution of Donald Trump is entirely, overtly, and embarrassingly political. And so blow the Marxist winds of war.

Besides the ongoing Trump-derangement syndrome, there’s a new phenomenon of Trump-exhaustion syndrome making the rounds. We’ve heard it, even in these pages, that it’s time for Trump to exit stage alt-right. He’s too chaotic, too volatile, too self-righteous, and his enemies are too riled up. Trump should step aside, or be voted aside, and allow someone who will make less of a mess take over.

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While I’m not an enthusiast for all things Trump, I can’t ignore the fact that all the right people hate him—which makes me admire him more than I am inclined to. It’s the old “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” maxim. On the other hand, many are wondering if all these manifest and increasingly outrageous efforts to take Trump down make him a kneecapped candidate who will never get anything done because of the constant attacks he is under from the Left. The word is on the street—maybe the Trump era just needs to end, and we have to look to other candidates, like Ron DeSantis, to take up his mantle with a savvier, Washington, D.C., style.  It’s partly banana republic out there with a chance of fascism as Joe Biden launches this DOJ attack to jail his rival. Tweet This

But a Washington, D.C., style isn’t what Catholics should pursue. Trump is the only candidate with a shot at the presidency who is anti-establishment. And while Catholics should not put their trust in princes, they should still pick them prudently—especially when the establishment is anti-Catholic. So, the Trump war rages on, but this may be more of a watershed moment than we realize. It could be the war to end wars, in a sense, as Tucker Carlson proposed on his new Twitter perch. 

Carlson brought up the view that Washington is a war machine and will grind on to maintain an international control that is being felt on American soil now and will even more so the more America becomes the military watchdog of a NATO-ized world. The more authoritarian America gets through its constant hawkishness, the more our freedoms will be imperiled—especially the freedom to worship and believe what the Catholic Faith teaches and reveals, for these are inimical to the secular religion of war, wealth, and power.

No matter how conservatives like DeSantis fight against woke creeds and are tough on crime and push back on the leftist agenda to promote sexual deviancy, all of these culture wars are just calculated distractions from a global war that we aren’t supposed to know about or keep track of. We are diverted and embroiled with and by our political leaders into these passing skirmishes to keep our eye off of a larger, lasting movement toward a largescale totalitarianism which is being pursued through the sheer power of our military. And the entire Washington establishment, all of our public servants, Republican and Democrat alike, are behind that purpose, though not publicly. 

But Trump isn’t. In his CNN townhall last month, Trump said, if elected, he would end the war in Ukraine in 24 hours. I’m sure no one knows how he might purport to accomplish that, but ending that war is the Trump idea, instead of fomenting it and following a secret course to destabilize Europe as the Middle East was destabilized in the 90s for political advantage—and all done in the name of Colin Powell’s acknowledged lies to the UN about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. They are liars and that is the truth.

And that is why Trump is as despised and targeted and embattled as he is. Trump is the enemy of the elites, and the elites are the enemy of truth. And this persecution playing out before us isn’t one that is all just political brouhaha or Trump’s egotistic braggadocio. It is a deadly serious persecution that Catholics should take with dead seriousness because it is about truth and peace. It is about life as we know it and life as we would never want to know it.

There are reasons why Washington, D.C., is called a war machine. Foreign policy and global control are what matters to those in the federal government, and war agendas are systemic in Washington, D.C. Billions of dollars are being pumped to support the Ukrainian-Russian war, for instance, while American interests and infrastructure crumble. 

After all, the government needs wars to justify its enormous budget for what Eisenhower called the military-industrial complex. And dissent isn’t permitted. And that is why Donald Trump is persona non grata. Trump is a dissenter, exposing their lies and their plan to wage war and call it peace, as Orwell prophesied. The government needs wars to justify its enormous budget for what Eisenhower called the military-industrial complex. And dissent isn’t permitted.Tweet This

Hegemony has been secretly held up over homeland, and that is precisely the attitude that Trump rejects as wrong. His “America first” mantra looks to accomplish that end not through geopolitical warmongering but through strong national identity and production. His friendly approach to ominous communist characters like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un was wildly against the grain—and so was his rejection of the American communist style of silencing nonconformists to the federal government. In his speech after he was indicted, Trump vowed to obliterate the deep state. That is him continuing to call out the liars in Washington that use war to maintain a gross, global power. 

And, like it or not, that stance is more or less held across the Congressional board. While Republicans and Democrats may bicker about budgets and bills, there is a falling into line when it comes to war. The desire to be a military colossus and dictate to the world is just part of the political ideology of Washington, but that is not the brand of “great” that Trump preaches. Washington lies about this agenda constantly, but Trump calls them liars to their face, and that label, that accusation, will not be tolerated. Those who cry “Liar” will be crushed, and we are seeing the war machine tear against Trump in real time.

It is a lie that Trump committed a dangerous crime with his boxes in a ballroom and a bathroom. We live in a land run by liars. We are not told the truth. Donald Trump did not endanger our service men and women by bringing some classified papers with him from the White House (as surely every other president has done—they’ve all done something worthy of indictment, without doubt). Donald Trump did not commit an egregious crime worthy of an FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. It’s a lie.

Speaking of lies, men can’t be women, the war in Ukraine wasn’t started by Russia, and Covid vaccines aren’t safe. We live in a land of lies. And it may be strange that a man like Donald Trump is something of a beacon (or a china-shop bull) of truth, but Catholics need to pause at this moment when all are being invited, urged, pressed, and coerced into wiping Trump off the face of the 2024 election because he is a dangerous and deranged criminal.

This prosecution is both political and ideological. No one who opposes the wars of Washington is allowed to have power, and this prosecution is giving that message loud and clear—and it is a message backed by Democrats and Republicans in different ways. With some exceptions, like Matt Gaetz and Rand Paul, the House and Senate are one big party when it comes to war because of the immense amounts of money the defense industry has access to, and it lobbies hard with that money. The result is that politicians vote for war because there is money in war. 

And that’s where it goes beyond the political realm into the ideological realm. Both the neocons and neolibs push for wars like the one in Syria against Bashar al-Assad to promote agendas like the LGBTQ+ lifestyle, women’s liberation issues, and economic doctrines against regulation. And following the money, they are drawn by corporate capitalist influences that seek to exploit everything and turn everyone into compliant members of an atomized, individualistic, consumer society under the American brand of democracy. And war is a means to that lucrative end.

Washington is a war machine, and Congress harbors the machinists, quietly pushing and peddling a dogma of dominance behind the distractions of the day. But Donald Trump doesn’t believe in that game of thrones, and now he is finally being taken down over papers and a porn star when bigger lies like Russian collusion, phony impeachments, and riot accusations failed. It’s pretty pathetic and born of the Washington establishment’s commitment to lies and war. Trump wants to overthrow that regime, and so should every American Catholic.

Though Trump may be a strange champion of truth and peace, God has sent stranger emissaries in His day. Though we are all, to some extent, exhausted by the Trump cyclone, are we ready to submit to lies and violence and charges of domestic terrorism? It is clear that the powers pulling the strings of our government and our culture are not on the side of the angels. Could Trump really be the devil he is being made out to be? I don’t believe it. I am tired of Trump, but I am more terrified of the secret surge toward globalism through military machinations. Let the war begin. 

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